The Coming End Part 3

How do so many people know we are in the end times? Let us look at how the scripture defines the end times and then ask yourself, have these things happened already?

Earthquakes: We know earthquakes will increase in the last days as Matthew 24:7 states. Compare the number of earthquakes 100 years ago to today and you notice the number of earthquakes has increased about 10 fold. Here is a map where you can see live up-to-date earthquake information from around the world. Just click the map in the upper right hand part of the site to see the map and zoom in or out or locate your region. Then hover your mouse over the dots and you’ll see when and the magnitude of the earthquake posted.

Another good reference site, if you want to research earthquakes on a global scale is here. As of August 13,2013 Columbia had a 6.5 earthquake. What we notice from these earthquake websites is the frequency of earthquakes now compared to 100 or 200 years ago – a sign of the end times as stated in scripture.

Wars and Rumours of Wars: If you want to research the number of wars going on around the world, here is a good link to start your research. Here is another report from the United Nations. These conflicts or wars were put into scripture over 2000 years ago when Jesus told his disciples these things.

Famines: A famine is a widespread scarcity of food, caused by several factors including crop failure, population unbalance, or government policies.  Famines from 441 BC through 2013 are listed here. Famine has been around for years and during the last days, famine will be around still.

Pestilences: Pestilence is contagious disease that spreads out of control, killing many people.Remember polio? AIDS? Black Death? Read about disease here.

The point? These world conditions were spoken by Jesus to his disciples as things to look at to see the end is close. Read the account in Matthew 24:4-44. This portion of scripture covers many, many areas of things to notice in the end times.


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