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Spirit, Soul and Body Part 1

[We will come back to our study on Revelation so stay tuned.]

Years ago I did a study on mankind’s spirit, soul and body.¬† Last month I decided to go through the study and share the study. When I pulled the scripture regarding the spirit, I was pulling scripture referring to mankind’s spirit not the Holy Spirit.


Mankind has a three-fold nature like God is three in one. Mankind has a spirit, a soul and a body then mankind has a free will, a mind and a heart. The free will, mind and heart are connected with the spirit, soul and body.


Mankind’s Spirit is made up of mankind’s:

1.) Faith

2.) Hope

3.) Reverence

4.) Prayer

5.) Worship

The entrance into mankind’s spirit is his free will.



The Soul is made up of mankind’s:

1.) Imagination

2.) Conscience

3.) Memory

4.) Reasoning

5.) Affections

The entrance into mankind’s soul is his mind and heart.




The body is made up of:

1.) Sight

2.) Smell

3.) Hear

4.) Touch

5.) Taste

The senses of man.




When a person dies, where do these parts of mankind go? Clearly the scripture makes our destiny known. Worship belongs to God and our spirit is the worship part of us so our spirit, as Ecclesiastes 12:7 says, ” Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.


Our body is made of the dust of the earth and it will go back to dust as the scripture above states. It is the soul that goes into eternity in heaven or hell and we are going to look at this in detail.Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.


Remember, the blood makes atonement (payment) for the soul as Leviticus 17:11 says so it is the soul that needs to be atoned for and that is what Jesus Christ did on the cross at Calvary.


Next time, we will look at more about the soul, the soul’s characteristics and what the soul will know in eternity.


After The Rapture Part 3 – The 7 Trumpets

The 7 Seal Judgements have already happened and now the 7 Trumpet Judgements occur. You can find the 7 Trumpet Judgements here:

1st Trumpet – Rev. 8:7 – hail and fire mixed with blood fall to the earth and a third part of the trees will be burnt up.

2nd Trumpet – Rev. 8:8,9 – something like a burning mountain was cast into the sea and one third of the sea became blood. One third of the creatures in the sea, die and one third of ships are destroyed.

3rd Trumpet – Rev. 8:10 – A great star from heaven falls on a third of the rivers and the fountains of waters. The star is called “Wormwood” and one third of the waters became wormwood and many of mankind die because of the waters.

4th Trumpet – Rev. 8:12 – One third of the sun, the moon and the stars will be smitten. This is one of the signs mentioned by Jesus Christ in Luke 21:25,26.

Then the angel says woe, woe, woe to the inhabiters of the earth for the other trumpets that are yet to sound. Remember, this is all still part of the first half of the tribulation.

5th Trumpet – Rev. 9:1-12 When the 5th Trumpet sounds a star falls from heaven to the earth: and to him was given the key to the bottomless pit. (This is an angel not a literal star because of how the verse reads, “to him was given the key.”) This will not be a “fallen” angel this will be an angel from God. And God entrusts him with the key to the bottomless pit. And in Rev. 9:2 it says this angel uses the key and opens the bottomless pit and out of the pit comes: Smoke as a great furnace and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke. Out of the smoke came locusts and they were given power like scorpions (to sting) those that were not God’s people who got saved during the tribulation. These locusts are to torment the people for five months. The shape of the locusts is described in verse 7-11 and as normal locusts eat grass and vegetation, these locusts go after man and look somewhat like a man.

This appears to be describing demons released from the bottomless pit and these demons have a leader in Hebrew called Abaddon but in Greek called Apollyon. This king or leader is not Satan.

This is all part of the first of three woes mentioned by the angel of God after the fourth trumpet had sounded, see Rev. 9:12.

6th Trumpet – Rev. 9:13-21 the angel is told by God to loose the four angels that are bound in the great river Euphrates. These four angels are to slay, kill, one third of mankind. These four angels are bad angels and we know this because they are bound. These four angels are in charge of an army of 200 million. (This is the second woe).

{There is a break between the 6th Trumpet and the 7th Trumpet just as there was a break from the 6th Seal to the 7th Seal.}

During this break, a mighty angel comes and has a little book in his hand. During this time the two witnesses of God come to earth. Then is Rev. 11:15 – the 7th Trumpet.

7th Trumpet – Rev. 11:15 -During this time there are great wonders in heaven. There were great voices in heaven, you see the 24 elders before the Lord. And in verse 19 we see the temple of God was opened in heaven and the ark of the covenant is seen in the temple in heaven (so for those looking for the ark of the covenant, it is now in heaven not on earth see Rev. 11:19).

A woman is seen (Israel) not Mary or the church and a red dragon, having 7 heads and 10 horns and 7 crowns. And in Rev. 12:9 we are told the dragon is Satan, the devil. {The 7 heads are 7 continents the 7 crowns are rulers and the 10 crowns are leaders of a commonwealth}

We see the Devil, Satan and his angels are cast out into the earth for 3 1/2 years in Rev. 12:3-9 and we see in verse 13 the devil persecutes the woman (Israel). We find cities of refuge and when we get to Rev. 15:6 we see 7 angels come and they receive the 7 last plagues the 7 vial judgements to pour out.

After The Rapture Part 2

The Tribulation lasts for 7 years and is divided into two parts. The entire seven years is called the Tribulation, the first three and a half years are peaceful and the last years are identified as “The Great Tribulation” meaning the second part is severe.

The Tribulation period of time is laid out clearly in Revelation 6:1 through Revelation 19:21. As the Dragon is cast out of the Heavenlies in Chapter 12, and he is cast out in the “Middle of the Week” it follows that Chapters 6-11 are part of the first half of the tribulation and chapters 13-19 are part of the latter half of the tribulation and Daniel’s seventieth week.

There are:

7 Seals:

1) Rev. 6:1 – the white horse – this is the Anti-Christ, the Lamb is opening the seals. The Antichrist becomes the Chief Ruler of the “ten nation federation” of the revived Roman Empire. He is the “prince” who comes who shall “confirm the Covenant” with the Jews for “one week.”¬† (Daniel 9:26,27) and this proves the Antichrist appears at the “beginning” of the “week” and not in the “middle” as some teach.

2) Rev. 6:3 – the red horse – red is the color of blood and a symbol for war.

3) Rev. 6:5 – the black horse – this is famine, a measure of wheat for a penny.

4) Rev. 6:7 – a the pale horse – this rider is named, Death. Ready to swallow up those killed by war and famine.

5) Rev. 6:9 – the fifth seal, John saw “souls of martyrs” these souls are not previous martyrs, they were taken up with Christ, these are souls during the tribulation. After the church is caught up, the preaching of the “Gospel of the Kingdom” will resume Matthew 24:14 and a great persecution of tribulation saints will happen.

6) Rev. 6:12 – the sixth seal breaks and “physical changes” occur on earth. Great earthquakes, the sun is darkened, the moon becomes as blood and stars in heaven fall.

{There is a break between the “Sixth” seal and the “Seventh” seal and during this time, 144,000 Jews get saved, 12,000 from each of the twelve tribes of Israel. As in Ahab’s time 7,000 did not bow their knee to Baal, so is it in the tribulation, 144,000 Jews not Gentiles, are saved and sealed by God.}

7) Rev. 8:1 – the seventh seal, when broken, there is silence in heaven. A preparation is starting. Seven angels are standing before God a preparing to blow 7 trumpets.

7 Trumpets

7 Bowls

We will look at the 7 Trumpets next time.

After The Rapture

When the rapture of the church (those saved, born-again, in Christ) are taken up:1. Christians driving in cars will disappear and cars, trucks, buses will crash.
2. Airplane pilots who are Christian will disappear and some passengers will disappear and many planes flying all over the world will have immediate emergencies. Imagine having hundreds of planes all of a sudden without pilots. Ground control will have chaos without enough emergency controllers to help guide the planes. Many planes will crash.
3. Boats and ships will be without captains and passengers will be missing.
4. Trains will not have Christians to run controls for tracks.
5. Graves will have split open.
6. Cell phone towers, landlines will all be over jammed.
7. Leaders and law makers will be missing.
8. Families will be missing husbands, wives, children and relatives.
9. Churches will be almost empty. Only religious but lost will be there.

There will be chaos in the world for a while. We know the rapture will be a surprise¬† “for in an hour as ye think not the Son of Man cometh.” Doctrinally, this refers to the Second Coming of Christ where every eye will see him but the rapture occurred before this.

The scriptures speak of a “Great Tribulation” in Matthew 24:21,22 and if God didn’t shorten the days no one would be saved but for “the elect’s sake” (Israel is the elect) those days shall be shortened. The Great Tribulation is also referred to as “that day”. There are many different types of days mentioned in scripture and “that day” is a day of judgement.

So after the rapture, it appears that some world leader will rise up and apparently give some explanation for the missing people and the people will believe him.

We know according to Daniel 9:27 and other scriptures the tribulation will be for 7 years. We know from these scriptures the first three and a half years will be peaceful and the last three and a half years will be utter destruction. In our next post we will continue.

To miss the tribulation, the menu on the right explains how you can get saved now, before it is too late. Please repent of your sin, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation and be saved.