After The Rapture

When the rapture of the church (those saved, born-again, in Christ) are taken up:1. Christians driving in cars will disappear and cars, trucks, buses will crash.
2. Airplane pilots who are Christian will disappear and some passengers will disappear and many planes flying all over the world will have immediate emergencies. Imagine having hundreds of planes all of a sudden without pilots. Ground control will have chaos without enough emergency controllers to help guide the planes. Many planes will crash.
3. Boats and ships will be without captains and passengers will be missing.
4. Trains will not have Christians to run controls for tracks.
5. Graves will have split open.
6. Cell phone towers, landlines will all be over jammed.
7. Leaders and law makers will be missing.
8. Families will be missing husbands, wives, children and relatives.
9. Churches will be almost empty. Only religious but lost will be there.

There will be chaos in the world for a while. We know the rapture will be a surprise¬† “for in an hour as ye think not the Son of Man cometh.” Doctrinally, this refers to the Second Coming of Christ where every eye will see him but the rapture occurred before this.

The scriptures speak of a “Great Tribulation” in Matthew 24:21,22 and if God didn’t shorten the days no one would be saved but for “the elect’s sake” (Israel is the elect) those days shall be shortened. The Great Tribulation is also referred to as “that day”. There are many different types of days mentioned in scripture and “that day” is a day of judgement.

So after the rapture, it appears that some world leader will rise up and apparently give some explanation for the missing people and the people will believe him.

We know according to Daniel 9:27 and other scriptures the tribulation will be for 7 years. We know from these scriptures the first three and a half years will be peaceful and the last three and a half years will be utter destruction. In our next post we will continue.

To miss the tribulation, the menu on the right explains how you can get saved now, before it is too late. Please repent of your sin, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation and be saved.


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