After The Rapture Part 2

The Tribulation lasts for 7 years and is divided into two parts. The entire seven years is called the Tribulation, the first three and a half years are peaceful and the last years are identified as “The Great Tribulation” meaning the second part is severe.

The Tribulation period of time is laid out clearly in Revelation 6:1 through Revelation 19:21. As the Dragon is cast out of the Heavenlies in Chapter 12, and he is cast out in the “Middle of the Week” it follows that Chapters 6-11 are part of the first half of the tribulation and chapters 13-19 are part of the latter half of the tribulation and Daniel’s seventieth week.

There are:

7 Seals:

1) Rev. 6:1 – the white horse – this is the Anti-Christ, the Lamb is opening the seals. The Antichrist becomes the Chief Ruler of the “ten nation federation” of the revived Roman Empire. He is the “prince” who comes who shall “confirm the Covenant” with the Jews for “one week.”  (Daniel 9:26,27) and this proves the Antichrist appears at the “beginning” of the “week” and not in the “middle” as some teach.

2) Rev. 6:3 – the red horse – red is the color of blood and a symbol for war.

3) Rev. 6:5 – the black horse – this is famine, a measure of wheat for a penny.

4) Rev. 6:7 – a the pale horse – this rider is named, Death. Ready to swallow up those killed by war and famine.

5) Rev. 6:9 – the fifth seal, John saw “souls of martyrs” these souls are not previous martyrs, they were taken up with Christ, these are souls during the tribulation. After the church is caught up, the preaching of the “Gospel of the Kingdom” will resume Matthew 24:14 and a great persecution of tribulation saints will happen.

6) Rev. 6:12 – the sixth seal breaks and “physical changes” occur on earth. Great earthquakes, the sun is darkened, the moon becomes as blood and stars in heaven fall.

{There is a break between the “Sixth” seal and the “Seventh” seal and during this time, 144,000 Jews get saved, 12,000 from each of the twelve tribes of Israel. As in Ahab’s time 7,000 did not bow their knee to Baal, so is it in the tribulation, 144,000 Jews not Gentiles, are saved and sealed by God.}

7) Rev. 8:1 – the seventh seal, when broken, there is silence in heaven. A preparation is starting. Seven angels are standing before God a preparing to blow 7 trumpets.

7 Trumpets

7 Bowls

We will look at the 7 Trumpets next time.

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