Carnal Christian vs. The Spiritual Christian

Carnal as a word in itself is not bad, it is natural. An example of this from God’s word is when Paul talks about Christians who have benefited from the Jews. Gentiles have taken the Jew’s God as their God and Gentiles went one step further and took Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Paul says in Romans 15:25-27 that the Gentiles have benefited from the Jews spiritually so the Gentiles should minister to the Jews in carnal things. This is why so many real Christians want to help Israel and they pray for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem.

But what we are looking at is the carnal minded Christian here. Carnal minded Christians struggle with spending time with God because they are caught up in the cares of the world just as Jesus said in Matthew 13:22. Is it because the carnal minded Christian is not really saved? No. Is it because the carnal minded Christian doesn’t love God as much as their saved friend? Not necessarily but it can mean that.

Let’s face it, if you love boating, every free moment you get you are going to want to boat. So how does a spiritually minded person handle his love for boating? I’ll give you a few minutes to think on that.

Does God love the spiritually minded Christian any more than the carnally minded Christian? No, God loves them alike. What is the difference then between the carnally minded Christian and the spiritually minded Christian? Two things:

1. Rewards – 1 Corinthians 3:11-19

2. The spiritually minded person understands the spiritual battle – Ephesians 6:10-20

So what about the people who give and do things for Christians, churches and charities, isn’t that spiritual minded? No. Now God may move on someone’s heart to support a project or a ministry but the goal in their support has to be to glorify God, win souls and help Christians grow. If the giving is based on doing your part for God, showing people you are a good person or to have power in your church through recognition, rewards will be few and far between. That is why people who give anonymously usually want God to get the glory, not themselves.

When you look at the world’s system of doing things you want to compare them to God’s word and God’s way and make a decision, choose you this day whom you will follow. The world’s way is you are born, go to school to learn a trade to work all your life for a period in time to retire and enjoy your end years, hopefully without much sickness or pain. Along the way, the world tells you to get all you can, work hard even if it jeopardizes your family and health. Get what your parents have (even though they worked 30 years to get what they have) you get it now even if you have to go into debt to get all you want. The world says be a good person, follow the golden rule and make time for God if you must and do your duty to go to church. And then – then you die and your life is over and 300 years from today, no body will ever know you were here on this planet. And then you will stand before God on judgement day to give an account. Remember, we are talking about carnal Christians, not lost people. So the carnal Christian will stand before God and give an account as Paul says in  2 Corinthians 5:10.

We will finish here for this post and pick it up next time on the spiritual Christian. Oh, about the example above about the spiritual man and their love for boating? They go first in prayer, take a few Bible tracts with them to pass out and they enjoy the fruit of their labor and share the good news with someone that day.

May you go in the power of the Lord today.


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