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God Sends Warning Signs

2014 Bolld Moons

When God created the sun and the moon he set them to not only divide the times and seasons, but also to be a sign. Genesis 1:14 says, “And God said, Let there be light in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night: and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:”  Mark Biltz from Elshaddai Ministries has done a lot of research on the sun, moon, scripture feast days and has discovered something interesting.

There is a series of “blood moons” coming. The coming 4 blood moons can be researched on Nasa’s website here. What is interesting here is there have been several series of blood moons in the past but – when the series of four fall on Jewish Holy Days, there is a significant event. Examples? These blood moons fell on Jewish Holy Days:

1.) 1492 – significant event? King  and Queen of Spain expelled all Jews from Spain and stole all there private possessions. Spain told the Jews to convert to Catholicism or leave the country.

2.) 1948 – significant event? The nation of Israel was born in a day when at the United Nations the united states of America recognized Israel as a nation.

3.) 1967 – Significant event? Israel took back their city Jerusalem, given to the Jews by God, through King David.

The blood moons appear to have something to do with Israel and solar eclipses have something to do with Gentile nations. So check out Mark Biltz’s chart below:

2014 Bolld Moons

Blood Moons and Solar Eclipse

These blood moons all fall on Jewish Holy Days so watch for something to happen in Israel during or just after the 4 blood moons. The fact that one complete and one partial solar eclipse are included in this time frame lead us to think something with the Gentile nations may happen too.

We live in exciting times and you need to be sure you are ready for the catching up of God’s people and then the earth will go through the Tribulation and the Great Tribulation. It is time to repent of your sin and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Ask God to forgive you and come into your heart and save your soul.


Do Christians Sin or Are They Under Grace?

Some say Christians sin others say because Christians are under grace, they do not sin so what does the Bible say? Here is a Biblical explanation and the verses in parenthesis address the point. May God bless, strengthen and encourage you through this revelation.

The Holy Spirit indwells us (saved believers) and if we are walking in the Holy Spirit, living in the Holy Spirit and being led by the Holy Spirit (Gal. 5:16) we are not under the law (Gal. 5:18) and the works of the flesh (sin) we will not do. We have crucified our old man and no longer serve sin (Rom.6:6) Instead, the Holy Spirit will lead and guide us into all truth (John 16:13) and produce fruit in us (Gal. 5:22-26). Paul is the apostle to the Gentiles in this age of grace (Rom. 11:13) who are not under the law, but under grace. Repentance for the Gentiles is a repentance to God for salvation/eternal life (Acts 11:18).

Paul addresses the sin issue in Romans 6:15-19 saying we are not under the law, the key is who we yield our members to obey. Our members are our spirit, soul and body. The law is fulfilled in us if we walk after the Spirit (Holy Spirit) Rom. 8:4. We don’t sin if we live, walk and are led by the Spirit- which is God – God the Holy Spirit. God lives in us and we bring our body into subjection so we aren’t rejected for ministry (1 Cor. 9:27) and we are to cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit (little s is our spirit) (2 Cor. 7:1). Example of this I Cor. 5:1-5 someone doing incest. If you thought about God is with you during this sin – chances are you wouldn’t do it.

Our flesh desires the things of the flesh listed in Gal. 5:19-21 and when we do these things the Holy Spirit convicts us – some people repent and feel better about themselves for repenting – that’s OK but faith is not a feeling. Others recognize they can’t do anything good – they see it as a battle of the flesh warring against the Spirit as Paul says in Rom. 7:14-25 and they come to a point where the issue isn’t repenting for sin because we live in the Spirit, not the flesh (Rom.8:7-9) we come to realize our battle is spiritual not in our flesh by our deeds (Eph.6:12) our battle is spiritual and we fight against spiritual wickedness and we are not to lust after the things of this world (1 Cor.10:6-11) but we are to fight things on a spiritual level – to fight evil, Satan, wickedness, using weapons God provided us with as Paul says in (2 Cor. 10:2-5 and Eph. 6:11-19).

The key is the soul, the mind, your thoughts. You can’t sin if you aren’t thinking about doing something you know in your heart is wrong. If you think on things of this world, work for worldly possessions and run your life the way the world says you should do things no matter how good you think it is, will produce wood, hay and stubble and there is no reward for you, from God as Paul says in (1 Cor. 3:12-15). That’s why Christians do things differently from church to church – hopefully, God the Holy Spirit leads this church to be missions minded, this church to be teaching minded, this church to be salvation minded, this church to be prophecy minded – they are being led by the Spirit into the ministry God has called the Pastor to lead the flock and God adds to the church daily those that are to be saved. Churches teach all things in the word of God, especially soul winning, but some churches are better with music, some with prophecy, etc.. If you set your affections on God, spiritual growth, spiritual matters, soul winning, learn about God and his word, you work in this world (using God’s principles) for heavenly things, know your flesh will screw up because it is corrupted because of Adam and Eve, but the Spirit of God continues to fill me so I bring my body into subjection and fight back with God’s word and continue working for heavenly things – then I build gold, silver and precious stones for heaven and God will give me a reward. It is not repenting for fleshly sins, it is give God control of my life through the power of the Holy Spirit which lives inside me and then I can rejoice in my liberty that Christ gave me ( 1 Cor. 6:12 and 1 Cor. 10:23).

As Paul says, it is a daily battle we fight. The battlefield is our mind/thoughts/our soul. Satan wants to derail God’s people and get them to argue and bicker with one another, to cause confusion, doubt, worry and to condemn us in our minds every time our stupid flesh screws up. Remember the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. God the Holy Spirit gives us the victory – do as Jesus did in Matthew 4 – he quoted out loud God’s word to Satan to rebuke him – and so we are to do. We are to know God’s word so when we are attacked by Satan, we can fight back with God’s word, out loud, not let Satan condemn us and we feel terrible. We fight with the sword of the Spirit (Eph. 6:17 & Heb. 4:12).

If you feel better for confessing your sins in your flesh, that’s fine but I choose to fight back in the spirit, by quoting God’s word out loud. An example: You get into an argument with someone and say something you know you should not have said. You go to the person and apologize to them and ask them to forgive you. Satan will also try to condemn you and say something like – ‘And you call yourself a Christian and do that?’ You fight back with – Thank you Lord you are helping me bridle my tongue and use my tongue to bring forth blessings (James 3:5-18). Satan will still try to condemn you and you fight back with God’s word – Thank you Lord I have no condemnation because I am in Christ Jesus (Rom. 8:1).

You have to practice at this, it took me 28 years to learn it and it’s hard at first but take a verse in an area you struggle and write it out on a piece of paper. Then tape the paper, with your verse, up in your office where you will see it all the time, tape it in your car and all over the place and every time you see it quote it out loud until you have it memorized. It will build faith and confidence in you. Then when Satan attacks you with that struggle, quote the verse out loud and rebuke him. The Holy Spirit will give you victory over that trouble area. Then teach others.

Remember, everyone is building their own building (Christians I’m talking about) and they may not build their building the way you think they should build but God called you to build your own building and he has put people in your path to help you. Everyone will give an account of himself on judgement day – build your treasures in heaven by winning souls.