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Alert: 2017 Target Year?

Friends, it is critical we present the truth of the gospel to the lost – the rapture is coming soon. No where in the Bible does it say to say a prayer and be saved. Salvation is not a prayer or head knowledge, salvation is a true heart conversion to the one and only true God Almighty manifest in the flesh in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ and living in all the true saved people in the Holy Spirit.

IBM, Darpa (a US military organization) and Google are putting together a way to mark all Americans and human beings with a mark so they can watch your every move and track you. Companies are assisting, see Consumer products on their website and the tattoo on the forehead.


Or watch the video at When she says authenticate it’s a nice way to say national id card put in the form of a flex tattoo and when you look at mc10’s website you see in their sample under consumer products a tattoo on the forehead of a man.