Chart Explaining The Godhead/Trinity

People have not been able to explain the Godhead (also called the Trinity). Even my Jewish friends say, you have three Gods, we have one. I would try to explain the 3 in 1 but didn’t do a very good job. For years I struggled with trying to explain the Godhead until one day, God gave me an answer and since that time, the Lord has been opening my understanding to how the threefold nature of God (3 in 1) is the way he created mankind as well. So I put a chart together to explain the Godhead. How a 3-fold nature of man works, is a bit different from God, but on the same premise and this premise is what our next posts will cover.


Feel free to print out or save this chart for your own studies. Feel free to share or comment. Below the image is the link to get the full size pdf document. It is one page and it is free.


The image is small so I created this into a pdf document so you could download the document and keep a copy. To get the free pdf document click on Godhead_How_Works link below.





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