Does God Have Your Heart?

Keeping in mind we are made up of a spirit, soul and body. The twist is God gave mankind a heart and free will. Looking at Ephesians 1:1-3 it says, Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God. It was God’s will Paul the apostle be an apostle. It wasn’t Paul going to school and making a career choice to be an apostle. God got a hold of Paul.

Originally, Paul was a Pharisee a religious man who knew the ways of Jewish culture and religion. When God got a hold of Paul, God’s will was for Paul to be an apostle.  Could Paul have said no thanks? Sure. But God got a hold of Paul’s heart and will.

Paul changed his occupation. He was no longer a Pharisee but became a tentmaker and apostle. So Paul had two jobs; His job for God’s work (spiritual work) was an apostle. His earthly occupation was a tentmaker, see Acts 18:1-3.

We see many Bible characters holding two jobs, one job for God, spiritual work and one job for an earthly occupation. Joseph and his family where shepherds, today we would call them cattle ranchers, see Genesis 46: 33 and Genesis 47: 3. Jonah appears to have been a mariner see Jonah 1:5. Aquila and his wife Priscilla were also tentmakers Acts 18:3. Demetrius was a silversmith that made images and idols for false religions in Acts 19:25 and there was a town clerk Acts 19:35 and  Solomon was a songwriter 1 Kings 4:32.

The point is, God calls us to a heavenly job and we have an earthly occupation. Paul says in Corinthians, we receive rewards for what we do for Christ (our heavenly work) only. Our earthly occupation is to provide our earthly needs and to further our heavenly work. And that is where the heart comes in. Do you spend more time on your earthly occupation or your heavenly job?

Does God have your heart and your will?



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