Why Satan’s Tricks Work Today

Remember last time we discussed – Our soul/mind has thoughts, desires, imagination, conscience (knowing right from wrong), memory, reasoning and affections. I used examples of good thoughts and bad thoughts ( see Your Soul Is The Prize ). Now we will look at Adam & Eve.

Genesis 3 explains the thought process and the process Adam and Eve went through. A thought was planted in Eve’s mind/soul to doubt what God said. Who planted the thought? Genesis 3:1, the serpent. Who is the serpent? Revelation 12:9 Satan.

So that Archangel named Lucifer now called Satan, rebelled against God and lost his position in heaven, is now coming after mankind. And Satan is putting a thought in Eve’s mind/soul. Then in Genesis 3:4 Satan outright calls God a liar when he tells Eve, you will not die. So God says in Gen. 2:17 don’t eat or you will die and Satan tells Eve in Gen. 3:4 you will not die.

Now Eve has 2 thoughts, one from God and one from Satan. But notice how Satan did not stop after planting the thought? Satan invokes God’s name and then entices Eve. He lures her into doing something God did not want her to do. See our post How Satan Traps Part 1 Then Satan offers Eve a prize he could not give. He tells Eve you will be like gods. Satan couldn’t make anyone a god, it was a trick.

Remember, once you have a thought, you decide what you will do with that thought. You reason out your thoughts because your mind is your soul and the attributes of the soul are imagination, conscience, memory, reasoning and affections. And look at what Eve did.

Gen. 3:6 –
1.- She saw the tree was good for food (saw/eyes attribute of the flesh. Flesh attributes 5 senses.)
2.- And that it was pleasant to look at (saw/flesh again)
3.- A tree to be desired – (reasoning, a soul attribute).
Notice nothing mentioned about a spirit attribute?

So Satan plants a thought in Eve’s mind/soul that would entice her flesh and soul. But notice what happened.

Gen.3:7 They knew they did wrong.
They did not become gods.
We know Adam & Eve did not die physically, so what death was God talking about in Gen. 2:17? We need just to look at how God created man in Gen. 2:7, from dirt (our flesh) and breathed into his nostrils the breath  of life (spirit) and man became a living soul.

Clearly, Adam and Eve died a spiritual death. The attributes of our spirit are praise, prayer, reverence, hope and faith. Mankind was now separated from God. See our post Connecting Your Parts

Now thousands of years have passed. Satan still plants thoughts, entices, causes doubt and offers trick prizes. We will explore this next time.


Whose team are you on?


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