Shocking Truths From The Garden

As we continue looking at the importance of the heart in all the decisions we make, I wanted to share some interesting points that tie into our overall topic of the spirit, soul and body.


When Adam and Eve were in the garden – It was Adam God told you can eat of every tree in the garden but this one, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. But did you notice what God said to him? “..of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat – for in the day that thou eatest thereof, thou shalt surely die.”


Point: It was God who put Adam in the garden of Eden, Adam was not there originally, see Genesis 2:15


Point: Saying “in the day” shows God had foreknowledge Adam would eat of it. And then saying “thou eatest” confirms God knew Adam would eat of it. Genesis 2:16,17.


Point: We know after Adam and Eve ate of the tree, they did not die physically, in the flesh. And we know that knowledge is an attribute of the soul so taking of this tree and eating was going to affect their soul. We know then Adam and Eve’s spirit died.


Point: We know the conversation of not eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, was a conversation between God and Adam only. Eve was not even created yet. See Genesis 2:16,17 and when after they ate, God reminded Adam of that conversation in Genesis 3:17.


Point: God told Adam what kind of a tree it was, it was a tree of knowledge.


Point: What did the tree produce? Knowledge of good and evil and knowledge is an attribute of the soul.


Point: In Genesis 2:8,9 – The Garden of Eden was eastward in Eden. God made the trees grow in the garden. These trees were pleasant to the sight (flesh) and good for food (flesh). The tree of life (spirit – remember God breathed into man the breadth of life), was also in the midst of the garden and so was the tree of the knowledge (soul) of good and evil. The tree of Life in Genesis 2:9 is also in Revelation 22:1,2.


Point: Adam and Eve were created. Adam was created like God (Genesis 1:26) and Eve was taken from Adam. They already had everything Genesis 1:29 and they knew God and talked with God. When Satan tempted Eve and said you will be like gods – Adam and Eve were already like God. They already had everything – (just like the church has everything in Christ).


Point: We know Adam and Eve were equals – Adam was not the boss over Eve or Eve over Adam because in Genesis 3:16, part of Eve’s punishment/judgment from God on her was, now because you have done this Eve, now your husband will rule over you.


Point: We know God cursed the ground – you will have sorrow, thorns, thistles (prickly plants – and plants propagate themselves – just like false doctrine). Not only are thorns sharp pricking objects, thorns are also messengers of Satan – objects or people to prick or hurt you, see Ezekiel 28:24 and Paul experienced this in 2 Corinthians 12:7 when Paul said he had a “thorn in the flesh” a messenger of Satan to buffet him or come against him.


Point: God said thorns and thistles shall bring forth in Genesis 3:18. In the sweat of your face you will eat bread.


I see God’s love in this judgment because God was saying because you did this, this is what it causes. It is like saying to someone, because you did not brush your teeth for all those years, your teeth will be lost. Well because you took of this Adam, you are going to have problems in your flesh and Satan is going to attack you. Before then, Satan could not touch Adam and Eve.


Satan trapped Eve into thinking she would get more than she had if she took of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. That’s exactly what he does to us today – see How Satan Traps and when Satan plants thoughts into your mind remember, as Jesus said in John 10:10 – Satan’s only goal is to steal from you your joy, love, your possessions, your heart, everything you have. Satan’s goal is to steal, to kill and to destroy you, your family, your friends and even your church.


If you do not guard your heart, Satan’s tricks will work on you too, see Why Satan’s Tricks Work Today.




Have a blessed day.

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