Process Decisions

How do you determine what car or truck you will buy? What influences your decision? You probably have brand preferances based on preset information, track record, costs, comfort, dependability, looks, safety and other data. You either searched this information out, have family experiences or used a third party to assist you. All of these thoughts were put into your mind, you sifted through the information and made a determination in your heart and mind what product to buy.

Look at what influences you to make decisions the way you do. Then look at how “things of this world” try to alter your decisions. You might have family or friends that share their experiences with that brand of vehicle. Then you have advertisers who try to influence you. And then lending institutions entice you to spend more than you have or to go into debt.

Usually, people make their decision and sometimes they are happy with their decisions and other times, they realize they were sucked into debt they can not pay or they loose their job and can’t pay. Or they get a “lemon” of a vehicle. The result? Anger, sometimes misery, unhappiness or poverty.

When you examine your process for making decisions you know your are growing in wisdom & knowledge. A spiritual person, walking in the Spirit and not the flesh, (Romans chapter 8) processes information through the lens of God and his word. God has laid out principles on how to do things and how to live in this world. The entire book of Proverbs gives us many of those principles.

I am going somewhere with this, really. How we process our decisions is key to our spirit, soul and body. In the example above, buying a car or truck, your process should include – first prayer. Ask God for it first. Then wait on him for a while. It works. Let me share something that really happened with me.

I spent time in the music industry working with pianos and organs for years. I had my favorite organ, a Yamaha HS-8 . After I left the music industry, years down the road, I had been using a Lowrey Keyboard . One day I prayed and asked God for a new Yamaha organ (new to me, it didn’t need to be brand new). When I prayed I said to God, “and it would be nice if it could be a Yamaha H-S 8.

A couple days later I went into a local music store to get some violin strings. At the check out, I said to the guy, you don’t know anyone looking to get rid of an organ, a Yamaha, do you? As God is my judge, he said yes. He reached below the counter, pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to me. I saw a man’s name & number and then I saw Yamaha HS-8 FREE. I told the music store clerk thank you, went out the door and shouted thank you God. I told everyone.


Answered Prayer Yamaha HS-8


Yamaha HS - 8

The process I determined was to always ask God first, on everything. Next we will tie this into our spirit, soul and body “walk”.

Until next time, ask God first.


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