Want To Go On A Journey

This is exciting. When God shows you things and you “get it” and have an ahh hah moment. That is what happened to me with studying the Holy Spirit. Studying our spirit man. Studying how God works with and through our spirit man. I wasn’t happy with studying God’s word a couple hours everyday and going to church 3 times a week. I couldn’t see how things in my life were much different than the unbelievers except I was saved and they weren’t.   So almost 3 years ago I prayed and wanted more from God. The cool thing, he answered me.

So I started to study the Holy Spirit. Then God showed me man was a spirit being. So I would ask God questions, then study and wouldn’t you know it, some preacher would be teaching on that topic on television and they would say something that would trigger my understanding and I would make a note and look it up in God’s word.

I quickly understood man’s 3-fold nature. I knew we had a spirit, soul and body but I didn’t know how much our spirit man is involved with God and life. God also gave me a clear understanding of the Godhead/Trinity. All of a sudden light bulbs starting going on everywhere. It’s like popcorn going off. With each pop I would say oh wow, that goes here and that goes there. And oh wow, that’s why this or that.

One of my struggles was understanding the Holy Spirit. For 30 years saved, I heard Baptists say the gifts of the Spirit ceased and they gave convincing evidence from scripture. Then I would hear Pentacostals say the Holy Spirit’s gifts are still in effect and they would give convincing evidence from scripture. I thought, they both can’t be right but I knew my answers had something to do with the spirit realm.

You might wonder why this has been such an issue for me. Because I had been lied to before and I saw so much hypocrisy in the church, I wanted to know the truth. I got saved in a non-denominational church. The pastor came out of an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church and as most Independent Fundamental Baptists, it is the AV1611 King James Bible only and I do stand on the KJV. Baptists shine when it comes to doctrine. They will dig and dig and dig doctrine out. They know what they believe, why they believe it and can show you in scripture why you should agree with them. But Baptists do not understand the Holy Spirit and how he works today. And Baptists have a tendency to be legalistic and mix faith with works. They would try to scare you into being good and if you are not, God could smack you upside of the head. So serving and obeying  God was more out of fear than love. I understood that, I feared my mom growing up. She instilled fear in us to get us to obey so it wasn’t  do this out of love but out of fear. The problem with that is legalism and fear based works bring rebellion. Does that mean the Baptists or my mom were wrong? No. That’s the only way they know to convey their message. That was what they were taught. And honestly, that is what I taught my son. At least I did see that was wrong and repented and asked my son to forgive me, he did.  Ultimately, they do that out of love I am sure, but they go about it the wrong way.

So when God started dealing with me about spirit matters, he did it with love. I asked questions and he showed me answers. When I didn’t get something he didn’t yank it away and say I’ll do it or let me have it, I will do it. And he didn’t condemn me for my not doing things his way. God gave me a bit here and a bit there. So when I told God, well Pentacostals are no better than Baptists (even though I never called myself a Baptist, I am a Christian). God told me I was right but one thing Pentacostals knew that Baptists did not know, they knew about the Holy Spirit, even if some of them are a bit misguided on the gifts of the Spirit. Most Pentacostals don’t know much “doctrine” but they know the Holy Spirit. And Baptists know doctrine but they do not know the Holy Spirit.

So for the past 3 years I have been on a quest to learn the truth about the Holy Spirit. Since about June 2015, God showed me I needed to share my findings. These posts are sharing my findings. Which brings me to Paul the apostle.

As I said in the last post, Paul’s message was different than Peter, James and John’s, and Paul’s audience was different. Paul was not only going to deal with salvation, but also the Holy Spirit and how God the Holy Spirit works in and through Christians. As I said last time, God gave John a glimpse into this but it was Paul God chose to give the message.

Now that I have explained the background, the exciting part is starting. We can have victory in life, we actually are already more than conquerors. But it is your spirit man that is more than a conqueror not your flesh.

So friends, buckle up because God is going to use me to help bless you. I am humbled and thankful because it will bring freedom and liberty. Until next time.



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