Why Am I Here?

God gives us all life. Some live for 70 years and others may not make it to one year or maybe 100 years. The reality is even if you lived to be 150 years old, in 500 years, no one would remember you.  Even so called great men are forgotten.

So what is the purpose of it all? Why am I here? God gave me a life – for what? You can look at things 2 ways – the choice is yours because God made you with a free will.

One way to look at why am I here – I am born into a family – I have no choice. What I look like – I have no choice. I go to school to get an education in a field I have an interest so I can work all my life to have a descent and good life. And then I retire on a salary that will not support me or my lifestyle. Then my body wears down and is poked, prodded and pricked with pins and needles and I loose my hair, my teeth, my hearing and then I die and leave everything I worked for to others who may not appreciate my treasures. Along the way, you might have gotten married, had children, gotten divorced, changed career fields 5 times or not.  So what is the purpose?  Why am I here?

The second way you can look at why am I here is God created you for a purpose and he has a plan for you. You will like his plan because he created you with that plan in mind. God put this plan into your heart. And if you choose this way, you will have another choice to make.

If you understand that God created you and gave you gifts and talents that are perfect for you alone, you have to choose to use those gifts and talents or not and if you choose to use them, will you do things the way of the world or God’s way. God’s way may not be the easiest but it is the most fulfilling.

Your interests, gifts and talents God planted in you when he made you. Yes you may need to learn or be taught and get educated in these gifts and talents. Musicians, electricians, computer techs all started at the beginning and were taught.

God has given you special gifts and talents so you will one day use those gifts and talents to bless and help others. To teach others as someone taught you. Some people do this selfishly hoping to get all they can and others give unselfishly.  The choice is yours.

Because mankind is made up of a spirit, soul and body – 3 in 1 – just like God is 3 in 1 – each part of us make us who we are. Your spirit you has a great desire to know God and spiritual things. Look at Understanding Our Spirit Man Part 1 and Understanding Our Spirit Man Part 2

Our body, our flesh, is nothing more than a house for our spirit and our soul. Just like the houses on your street – houses come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors, so does our body. God gave you a house – a body for your spirit and soul. It is not that the house is so important, it is what is inside the house. There is a saying that says a house is a house until someone moves in and makes it a home. So what’s in your house?

Then you have a soul. Your soul is your mind, your will and your emotions. And according to God, it is your soul that goes to heaven or hell, (see Proverbs 23:14, Acts 2:27,31) it is the soul that determines if you go to heaven or hell Psalms 19:7 KJV the soul (our mind, will and emotions ) needs conversion.

Most people make decisions in life based on two things:
1) Their mind (their soul) and what they think or believe.
2) They make decisions based on their spirit, what’s in their heart.
And again, the choice is yours. So what influences your decisions?  Helpful tools may be:

Process Decisions and then you need to have authority of your decisions so this might help Your Seat Of Authority.
You quickly learn what you think and what’s in your heart can alter nations, see How Thoughts Alter Nations
So why am I here?
Your Purpose May Not Pay Well and
The Path Of The World Or God
If you want to be saved, look in our menu and click How To Be Saved or click here How To Be Saved


Why Am I Here?


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