Starting Over – Never Quit

Starting over can begin at any stage in life. Sometimes teenagers make decisions that derail their dreams or plans. People lose their jobs. Marriages break up. Family members died and friends turn on friends. This is all a part of life and some people struggle to get back on track, some quit altogether and others refocus and start over.

Let me preface this with God does not make bad things happen to his children. Parents would not deliberately and on purpose hurt their children – they love their children. Some teach, if bad things happen to you it is God smacking you upside the head to bring you in line. Friends, there is not one – Not One – scripture that supports that teaching. God does not make bad things happen to his children but God will allow (not stop) bad things. Why? Because God uses things that happened to us to strengthen us, to strengthen our faith and our walk with Him.

We are in a battle. If every time something bad happened and the commander took the soldier out of the situation, when would the soldier know and learn how to fight. If your children come against a bully or struggle with things in school, a job, life and you deliver them all the time, how will they learn to live life? If God removes every bad thing that happens, how will you learn?

So God does not make the bad things happen, he carries us through the bad things and bad times to strengthen us and help us through each difficulty, each heartache,  each devastation. Sadly many Christians quit on God at times of difficulty. Many were taught God would not allow bad things or some teach God punishes you with bad things. Both of these teachings come not from God, but from Satan the deceiver.

God allows things to happen to teach us and instruct us. Many times the things you and I go through make us better able to help others going through the same ordeal. Someone who has never had children is not a good person to put in charge of a children’s program.

Starting over is never fun but if we stick with God, pray and ask for his help and guidance, spend time in scripture that encourages and strengthens us and yes, seek godly counsel, we will come out of each struggle, heartache or set back stronger, experienced and the victor. Romans 8:28 KJV
“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” God will use all things together to help strengthen us and make us more Christ-like.

When I look at how many times I’ve had to start over, in so many areas of life,  I thank God for encouraging me along the way. Yes sometimes it was my fault and many times the situation was out of my control. I had to make choices many times with work or jobs, I would start over because I got bored. I would work to get to the top and once I felt I conquered a job I lost interest. Only two things have held my interest and passion, God’s Word and music.

But life brought other struggles to me –  growing up without a father, when I was eight or nine I was raped by one of my brothers, and later when I became a Christian and married a “Christian” man, we decided to start a family. When our son was born on his 1st birthday my husband left and never came back. He just deserted us. I was living in a new area I did not know, with a new baby I did not know how to care for, without a job to provide our needs.  I prayed before I married,  if God wanted me to get married and took everything to the Lord, but it still happened. I struggled for six years trying to make sense of everything. I even went to Christian counseling for about 6 months to help me deal with everything. God was walking through everything with me. Many times I cried out to the Lord and he was always faithful to help me. The Lord always helps me, encouraged me and strengthen me. All those scriptures, I will be a Father to the fatherless came to life. And looking back – I see the hand of God working with me and others who helped me along the way. So friend, in hard times, troubles and heartaches Jesus really does stick closer than a brother. Never give up and never quit on God!

Until next time my friends.  Let me encourage you to set goals, set spiritual goals. People say set goals for spiritual things, relational and financial goals. I would encourage you to set spirit goals (learn about your spirit man), soul goals (learn how Satan attacks your mind so you can fight back) and body goals, to bring your body into subjection to God.

God Bless, encourage and strengthen you in the power of His might.


Trust God!


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