Listen And Hear

When God shows you something or speaks to you – you never forget it. People record details of their encounters with God all the time. Sometimes people mock you when you describe details of your encounter with God, even “Christians” will mock you. And yes, there are even those who try to profit from their encounters with God. But those who have had the encounter know and believe God.

There are many scriptural examples. Look at Noah and God telling him to build an ark, how to build it, what size and what to do with the ark. Genesis 6:13 records God spoke to Noah. God will speak to you.

1 Kings 19:11-16, God uses a strong wind, an earthquake and a fire before he speaks to Elijah in a still small voice. Then look at this.

This guy sees “the heavens open and sees visions of God” and this guy is Ezekiel. Look at Ezekiel 1:1-4. Now there’s an encounter with God. Did you ever read Ezekiel and see what God showed him? You will be amazed.

Then you have the apostles and even John the Baptist, Paul and many, many others God revealed himself to, so what makes one think God stopped revealing himself? Sure God reveals himself through his word just like he did with everyone else. But those who “believe” God, God does even more. Everything in scripture and with God is based on “faith”, do you believe or not. Let me share something I heard, and I believe it.

This guy had a great job and one day a headhunter shopped him away from his job to another company. [A headhunter is paid for finding specific employees for a company.]  So this guy went to work for the new company. A year or two later, the new company had a slow down and laid him off. He got discouraged and let himself go as he sat in his house unemployed for a year or so.

One day, a believer who lived on the street asked God, Lord, tell me who I can help today. The guy who was laid off answered a knock on his front door. When he opened the door he saw this Believer. He asked the Believer, what he wanted. The Believer handed him one dollar. The man laughed and said this isn’t going to help me what am I suppose to do with the dollar? The Believer told him, on Thursday buy a newspaper and in Section E on the 4th page, the fourth column the third ad down, read it. And here is my card with my number if you want to talk.

So on Thursday, the man did as the Believer said. The man saw the ad was from his first employer he was headhunted from and called. They explained they were trying to find him but lost their records while moving to their new location. They offered him his old job back and he was thrilled. Then he looked at the Believer ‘s card and called him.

If we are so busy and have things blasting in our ears all the time, how will you hear God talk to you? When you pray or talk to God, sit there in complete quiet and listen. God will speak to you.
Until next time my friends.



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