Finding Purpose

Before I was saved – like a lot of people –  I believed in God and I believed the Bible is the word of God. But when asked what happens after we die – I had no clue. One thing I knew was I was a pretty decent person, didn’t kill anyone, didn’t take things, worked hard – was what I thought was an OK person, so why wouldn’t I go to heaven when I die?

As a Type “A”  personality and as I always said that I am an eternal optimist – I had my successes. But inside, deep in my heart and soul that something was missing. I didn’t know what it was then and I could not explain it – something was missing.

As many of you know, I was not raised in a  “Christian”  family. Oh, our family believes in God, that’s all. No church, no Bible, no prayer. And my father left my mother for another woman leaving my mom to raise all of us with no father. My father never provided for us. But God did.

So when God got a hold of me at 27 and I realized I was not going to heaven unless I did things God’s Way – I believed and got saved. ( Granted, I did test God for 30 days first. He passed the test.)  I would come to learn that God is a father to the fatherless and all my life growing up – God was always there helping my mother – opening doors – putting people in her path that would help. This one guy was a farmer. We called him Uncle Gus. He was old enough to be my mother’s father – but God put him in our life. He would bring vegetables and day old bread to us and in return we would work on his farm all afternoon. I remember one of my brothers getting into poison ivy or sumac trying to go to the bathroom in the field because he couldn’t hold it any longer.

One time after stringing an electric fence one summer, we were maybe 7, 8, 9 and 15 years old, Uncle Gus turned the fence on (low-voltage farm fence) and wanted to know if the fence worked. He looked at us – gullible we were – Uncle Gus told us if we would touch the fence to see if it was on, he would give us a Coca Cola. Well if we had a soda pop once a year that was a lot – so my younger brother and I touched the fence. It felt like getting a tingle from an electrical outlet. My younger brother and I yelled, It’ s On – It’s On – and we got our soda pop.

Like most families, we had our ups and downs but I do not remember any anger, bitterness, and unhappiness as a family growing up. We didn’t have a lot, but we had a roof over our head, clean clothes on your back, food in our stomach and we had love. So when someone told me I needed God – I didn’t  “Get It”.   I didn’t know I needed God – but I was interested to hear more.

Now I can see how God played a very important role in my childhood. How God  helped  my mom and all of us. How God put Uncle Gus in the picture. Uncle Gus wasn’t even our uncle we called him uncle only to show respect. How many aunts, uncles and grandmas we had that were not even related to us, just to show respect.

And when God got my attention – again – at 27,  I was looking for meaning and purpose. I wanted to know why God made us, why people struggle, why fathers walk out and abandon their children and wife, why people make promises just to break them weeks later. What was the meaning of all this? What was the purpose?

Even after I was saved, I studied and studied looking for answers to how do we live as a Christian, what about when bad things happen to people? How can a tornado take out a family of six just to leave the house next door untouched? And it was about 30 years later, after study, talking to God all the time, prayer that God gave me my answers. And friends – that IS the reason for this blog.
To share first and foremost, you need to get saved, really saved, and to share the answers  God gave me. I am not trying to beat people over the head to get them to believe my doctrine and theology. My goal is to help people really get saved and then share what God has done for me and share what God teaches me.

We have an Almighty Sovereign God who loves each and every one of us. He loves us all so much that he sent his Son, God in the flesh, to us, the Lord Jesus Christ. And after the resurrection of Jesus Christ to as many as believe on the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation of their soul, God gives those believers God the Holy Spirit to come live in their heart. But friend, we also have an enemy – Satan. And there is a realm we can not see right now – but one day we will see that realm. The secret is to live in the realm we do not see while physically in this body we walk in the earthly realm.

Until next time.



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