Expected Results or Unexpected

Now that we know everyone does not go to heaven, what’s your motive? You and I were born sinners because of what  Adam and Eve did in the garden. All of us are born sinners, all of mankind. And on the timeline of time, we see we are here on this planet for a set time by God. Everyone lives at a different time on God’s timeline.  During our lifetime, we choose things pertaining to living in this world. We choose what to believe, where to live, what to do. So my question is, what is it?

What is it that caused you to believe God over everyone else? Was it his word? His character? Creation? And if you are really saved, why? Why did you choose to get saved? And if you are not saved, why, what is it that causes you to tell God NO?

Motives provide answers. When you look at crime, people have a motive, a reason they commit crimes. People have motives for getting married, for having children or not having children, for working for one company over another, for choosing schools and doctors and everything. All motives have one thing in common – an expected result.

All of us are born into the same world, so why do some choose to believe God and others choose to reject God? Why do some believe on and receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour and others reject Jesus? Did you ever ask yourself what is it that caused you to believe and get saved? What motivated you? What was your motive?

My regular readers know I was not raised in a Christian family. Oh yeah, we knew of God and heard about this guy Jesus, but that’s about it. I was in my mid 20s when I was trying to figure out the purpose for life. Why were people born for 1000s of years to populate a planet – for what? So I picked up a Bible and started reading the New Testament.

I did not skip over the genealogies in Matthew, I read them and studied them. Remember, I am a researcher. I realized this guy Jesus was a Jew, and not just any Jew, but an important Jew. Things were written about Jesus in the Old Testament before Jesus was ever born into this world. Just Isaiah 53 explains a lot. Even I could see that.

So after reading the New Testament and hearing Jesus talk about hell and the lake of fire, it scared me. There was no way I wanted to go to hell. A few days later God sent this Pastor into my store and about 2-3 months later, I got saved. Now, 33 years later it all makes sense. 33 years of digging, study, research I see God’s plan. And yes, when God saved me 33 years ago, I told everyone, still do. God is faithful. My whole family got saved.

My mom got saved 3 years after me. I did not have a father, he abandoned us. But I asked my mom about a year before she died why she got saved. She was 56 when she got saved and I wanted to know what was it that caused her, at 56, to get saved. Her answer shocked me. She told me she saw my life change. She saw the change in me and wanted what I had. I never knew she was watching me.

The cool thing? Once mom got saved, they started falling like flies. Just kidding but once mom got saved, the rest of my family realized something was going on and they did get saved.  God is faithful.

And here I thought everyone got saved because they did not want to go to hell. It was my mom’s motive that made me realize, motives matter. So why did you get saved? What motivated you to believe God? What motivated you to believe on and receive the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour?

And if you are not saved? What is it that causes you to reject God’s word? Are you afraid you will loose your family? Your friends? Didn’t Abraham? Didn’t Joseph?  Even though they lost their family for a while, God brought them back, like Joseph and God gives a new family like Abraham having Isaac.

Remember, whatever motivates you to believe God and receive Jesus Christ or to reject him, motives have expected results. There are unexpected results too. I pray you will believe God, Repent and receive the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. Until next time.



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