Your Life History – A Dispensing

What is dispensing? The act of dealing out to different persons or places. God dispensed you into this period of time on his overall time frame. God put you here, during this time, for his specific purposes.

I heard a professing “believer” say the other day, on tv, that ” dispensational teaching is from the pits of hell.” This person was a self proclaiming “Rabbi” who says he is a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. His teachings always focus on the Torah,  ( the first 5 books of the scriptures, the law ).  There is no way I am going to convince him on dispensational teaching but, God the Holy Spirit can. I do want to explain dispensational teaching and why I know, 100%, it is Bible teaching. Why? Because it unlocks the scriptures. But I want to use a different approach than most.

Think of the root word to dispensational.  The root is dispense. What does dispense mean?  The act of dealing out to different persons or places.  People who teach or study dispensations look at the whole picture. Today we can do that because we have the complete word of God in the scriptures. But let me explain this using history as an example. Why does history repeat itself?

If people learned from history, history would not repeat. Dispensationalists look at the whole picture. They ask questions. In the case of history, it is not necessarily the ” issue ” but the ” topic “. Some examples:

Slaves / Slavery – What is the issue? Slavery. What is the topic? Slaves.

Dictators / Subjects – this is seen through uprisings.
Government / People – wars, rebellion, and in America, the 2016 election cycle.

The ” issue ” is the people are rising up to make a change. That is the issue. But what is the topic? Why are the people rising up? The topic is government.

When America was founded, it was set up where the people are the rulers and the people vote in representatives who support and believe what they believe. These representatives would meet every once and a while to go over ” issues “. Every thing worked together. But slowly, from about 1918, the representatives started changing the rules. They started making decisions that went against what their people believe and wanted. The representatives started setting up new departments, new laws, changing monetary policy, adding taxes, and even changing moral laws that our founders established through the scriptures.

These new rules allowed the representatives to grow in size, grow in authority, grow in power and they started setting up judges that did not believe God’s word. They set themselves up into a full time job of ruling. They set it up where they received the best job benefits, year round, for themselves and their family, all paid for by the people who elected them. They made rules for the people and exempted themselves from the same rules.

Move forward to the 2016 election cycle. We see a rebellion by the people. They have had it with people that made promises to do things and broke their promises. The people have had it with ” elected ” representatives out of control. Elected people who have set up a different government to dictate over every walk of their life. And now? Now the people have to make a choice.

Choice A:  Grow the power brokers / rulers even more and have them control everything in your life. Set them up as Dictators. Or

Choice B:  Start eliminating some of the power broker’s grip by eliminating departments, shrink their influence, repeal over-reaching laws and turn the power back to the people, as the Constitution says.

Both choices have their candidates. The people will decide.

A Dispensationalist will see the issue, can you? The Dispensationalist will ask questions. What changed? When did it change? What caused the change? How are things different now then when this was first established?

In my example of America, in the beginning of America, the people dispensed the power to their representative. Over the past 100 years, there has been a shift. The representatives have set themselves up with the power and now they dispense to the people, through grants, tax credits, deductions, etc.  And the “Dispensationalist ” digs into the details, not the issues –  but the topic – the power shift.

So how does this tie into dispensational teaching and God’s word? I am glad you asked. Let me give you a scripture to think about and we will pick this up next time.

Ephesians 3:2 KJV
If ye have heard of the dispensation of the grace of God which is given me to you-ward:



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