The 3 Keys To Life

There are keys to life. And as Jack Sparrow ( from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean )  said, what do keys do? They unlock things. The 3 Keys to life will unlock things for you.

If someone asks you the definition to a word, how do you respond?  Do you tell them the definition, if you know it?  When I was growing up and in public school, teachers would put the word into a sentence and then ask me to use the word in a sentence to be sure I understood the meaning. I’m not sure if teachers still teach like that.

Many times we think we know definitions of words but when we look them up in a dictionary, sometimes we are surprised to find we didn’t have that one quite right. When it comes to God’s word, I have found it is best to let God define what he means through other scripture verses.

So I am going to give you a challenge. There are 3 Keys to life. These keys unlock  things. I am going to give you the names of the 3 keys. You can define each key so you know what each key means but I want you to tell me or yourself, what they unlock. All 3 Keys are God’s keys. Another words, God says these are principal things, keys.

But God makes us search his word to find out what these keys unlock. Remember, the dictionary definition may not be the same as God’s definition. 

Tomorrow’s post will show you what these 3 Keys unlock and how the keys unlock things. The name of the 3 Keys:
Key 1: Wisdom
Key 2: Knowledge
Key 3: Understanding

When we know how God defines these 3 Keys,  we learn what these keys unlock. I will give one clue. The clue is: “One of the main focuses of this blog”.

Until next time.


Have a blessed day.


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