Cowards Before Men

When you look at great leaders from history, these leaders were strong and bold. The leaders were not rude or violent. I look at George Washington and how he loved God and took a stand for God, the scriptures and America. He gave up everything,  he gave his life, honour and fortune.

The Governor of Georgia decided to coward to ungodliness by not signing a bill against sodomites, queers. Then comes North Carolina and that Governor signs the bill against transgenders who want to use bathrooms of their new sexual orientation.  But then companies like PayPal and musicians like Bruce Springsteen pull their concert? And threatened with the loss of jobs and money, the Governor is “altering” the new bill? A man without courage or backbone? How many Christians are standing with him, openly?

So Mississippi’s Governor signs a similar bill and so far has not caved. My question,  where is the church? Where are the Christians speaking out to support Governors taking a stand for God’s word? Where is the church / Christians speaking out against PayPal?

When people stand for God’s word we should contact them and let them know we support them. Visit their state, help their businesses by buying things from them. Pray for them. As Paul says in Philippians 2:14,15 we are not suppose to argue with people but we are suppose to speak truth.

As true believers,  our spirit man agrees with God and his word. Our soul ( mind, will and emotions ) starts thinking about consequences of our agreeing with God’s word. We will either be led by our soul or the Holy Spirit. 

Why do you think Jesus tells the church at Laodicea that he is going to spit them out of his mouth? They take a stand for nothing. They are content to have “their stuff” and not need anything. What does Jesus tell these Christians, us? Revelation 3:19 “….be zealous therefore, and repent.”

Be zealous – with passion, engaged, ardent in pursuit of something.

Repent – change what you are now doing. Change your mind / soul issue. Change your thinking.



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