Stir Up Your Gift

What is a gift? Most people would think present. But the word gift does not mean present. Gift means anything given. When Jesus said give and it shall be given unto you, he wasn’t talking about money. He said give. And giving can be your time, talents or treasures.

James 1:17 KJV “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.”

When God created you and me, he gave us gifts. He gave us talents and desires. I remember as a child I loved hearing people play good music. Good music to me is orchestral or symphonies. I would say one day I am going to play like that. That desire was put inside as a “gift” from God. I did not understand it was a gift from God for many years. So why would God put that desire in me? What would be his purpose? For me to somehow use that God given gift for his honour and glory. And I did, do and have.

God gave you gifts too. Desires. I didn’t know anything about music other than I loved good music and determined in my heart, I was going to learn to play. When I was old enough and earned some money, I paid a music teacher to teach me. So even though God gave me the “gift” of music, I still had to learn, get educated and practice.

God has given you gifts. Things you desire. Talents and interests in things. You may have to hire a teacher to teach you but once you stir up those God given gifts your heart, soul and life will come alive. Why? Because you are doing what God gifted you in.

Friends, I would encourage you to search deep into your heart for what desires God planted inside you. Then seek help and explore how you can use those gifts to glorify God some how.

My mom loved to cook. She would have fed the neighborhood when I was growing up. The family always came to our house on Thanksgiving. When my mom got saved, she used her God given cooking gift to help in the kitchen at church. She fed the saints. Doggie bags were plentiful.

Stir up the gift in you. Find a way to use your gift (s) to bring honour and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Until next time.



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