Did you ever ask why you keep the records you keep? People record their life’s possessions for insurance reasons. They record their family history, put family genealogies together and even write books to record events, history, news, sports information and many more. Did you ever ask why everything is recorded?

When you think back to America’s history you see it was recorded – the Bible was taught in  “public schools” , there was school prayer, the Bible was the law of the land. Then some judges come along and decide after 239 years all the records of our nation’s history no longer matter. So these judges decide to change the laws and set a new set of records.  These new records try to erase  or ignore all previous records. So what good are the records from the first 239 years?

God records things and he too keeps records.  God says he recorded his name in places Exodus 20 2224 and God has recorded his name in Jerusalem and given Jerusalem to Israel and David is to be over Israel 2 Chronicles 6:6 yet today – the world is trying to steal Jerusalem from Israel.

As Moses is getting ready to leave his earthly body,  his final instructions to the people are made clear in the last chapters of the book of Deuteronomy. Moses tells the people to keep God’s laws, God’s Commandments, God’s statutes  written in this book and to turn to the Lord God with all your heart and soul. Then Moses mentions a record Deuteronomy 30:19 Heaven and Earth record. So why and how does Heaven and Earth record?

Scripture teaches there are records of thy Fathers Ezra  4:15 and even the book of records of The Chronicles. What is a Chronicle? According to Webster a Chronicle is a historical account of facts or events disposed in the order of time.  Unlike writing history, Chronicles lay out specific times, dates and events. History records America’s founding fathers but a Chronicle lays out specific dates, times and events and an order of time.

From a writer’s standpoint, you have those who like to write poetry, novels, manuals, film/movies, musicals, documentaries. As bloggers, we all have our niche.  Some may write just to see their words in print. Others love story telling, some are teachers, some share experiences, some write to seek help or cooking or raising children, and  some write how to articles. Then you have the writers like me. Yes, I went to college for journalism but my goal back then was to be a newspaper reporter. I wasn’t interested in TV or radio I wanted  print. When Journalism class went into “creative writing” to engage the reader in a story of fantasy, I left school. So I focused on my love for music and learned to play the organ.

I don’t like or read novels for the most part. I have read maybe four or five novels over the past 40 years. I’m just not a fan of novels. I want facts not make-believe. I want to deal in truth not fantasy. So I considered technical writing and later learned I was more interested in documentaries. And not just any documentary but documenting The Chronicles of God’s word.

You have heard of The Chronicles of Narnia, a land a place. Chronicles document specific dates, times and events of the place called Narnia. So documenting God’s word helps reveal God, his character, his mercy and love and yes, even his anger and what gets him angry. Documenting Gods word opens a realm we no little about, the spirit realm, heaven, hell, eternity.

God keeps Records, books and Chronicles and unlike the nation’s changing their history, erasing their Chronicles, God does not. So what is the purpose of God’s records? Why does God have a record of books? We will pick it up here next time.



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