Sons of Belial

This is Not A fable or parable or an object lesson. This is a true account of something that really happened. At the end of the account, God tells us to do 3 things:

1 – Consider it
2 – Take Advice
3 – Speak Your Mind

So keeping those instructions in mind, let us look at the account.

A Levite in Israel takes a concubine as his wife, out of Bethlahem-judah. STOP What is a concubine? By definition, a concubine is a woman who lives with a man outside of marriage. A wife of inferior condition. (She is not a virgin). Sounds like a lot of American women lately.

So this Levite takes this woman who has slept with several men to be his wife. And she whores around on him too. ( See Judges 19 ).

This unfaithful woman leaves her husband and goes to her father’s house in Bethlahem-judah and is there four months. Then her husband decides to go to her and speak nice to her and he heads out with supplies, his servant and himself.

The Levite meets her father, who is happy to meet him. (Think dad knew something about his daughter?) The father asks the Levite and his servant to stay. The Levite stays. After 3 days the Levite wants to leave with his wife. So the fourth day the Levite is getting ready to leave. But the father says have breakfast first. The Levite agreed. The Levite gets ready to leave and the father says stay one more night. The Levite agrees.

On the 5th day, the Levite gets ready to leave and the father convinces him to stay till lunch. After lunch the father tries to convince him to stay that night and leave first thing in the morning. The Levite said no (Judges 19:10).

Question: Why would God take the time to explain this back and forth discussion between this Levite and his father-in-law? 10 verses?

So the Levite, his wife and his servant leave after lunch and as it is getting night time, the servant says they should turn into a city (to stay the night). But the master said no, he will not stay in a city of “strangers” but go to Gibeah ( part of Israel’s land belonging to Benjamin).  When they get to Gibeah, it is night time. They could not find lodging.

An old man comes in from working in his fields. God makes it very clear who the main characters are in Judges 19:16. The old man lived in Gibeah but the place was the home of Benjamites. If you look at a map of the land God gave Israel and look what tribe, of the 12 tribes of Israel, received what area you find Benjamin received an area at the north end of the Salt Sea aka Dead Sea. So the old man was not a Benjamite.

The Old man sees the man, his servant and the wife. He asks them where did you come from and where are you going? The husband tells him he is going to the house of the Lord but can not find a place to stay. Do you think the old man realized this was a man who knew God?

The old man says, let all your needs be on me, and he took them into his house. He took care of his animals too ( see Judges 19:20,21). As they are eating and drinking in the old man’s house –

You can read what happens in Judges 19: 22-30.  But my focus is on 2 points:

1 – Who are “the men of the city” certain sons of Belial verses 22, 23

2 – We are told in verse 30 to:

In considering this, why did the husband do that to his wife?

Sons of Belial is defined as a wicked person, worthless person, son of evil, of Satan.

We will pick it up from here next time.



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