We know God is faithful, but what about us? How do we handle things when God does not answer our prayer the way we want or “expect”?

Believers even say they want to hear the Lord say, well done thou good and faithful servant. Many look at good, but what about faithful? Remember,  God is not considering our life mistakes so to say, he looks at our heart. Faithfulness is a heart matter. Paul said in Galatians 3:9, Abraham was faithful. Yes Abraham obeyed God and was willing to kill his own son Isaac. Why? Was it works? No. Abraham counted God faithful, faithful to his word.

Remember,  God told Abraham he would bless him, give him a son from Sarah and make him the father of many nations. So no matter what happened, or what God asked Abraham to do, or even what situations were going on in Abraham’s life, in his heart, he counted God faithful to his promises  his word.

How about you? Do you have it in your heart God is faithful to his word? Are you faithful to Jesus, to God? When the attacks come for being a “Christian” will you remain faithful to Jesus? What about when the husband walks out for another woman or the wife leaves because she is tired of you beating up on her with your words and hands or she finds someone else? Will you stay faithful to Jesus then?

Or you raise your children right and one decides to walk away from God, or get into satanism, or they leave with no gratitude of how hard you worked to bring them up right, in God’s word and ways? Will you stay faithful then? Or your company downsizes and you loose your job. You have to move into a 3 room house or trailer, will you stay faithful then?

Maybe you end up in the hospital with bleeding ulcers and after loosing your job, you now have a $ 40,000. hospital bill you have no way of paying back. And all that negative payment goes on your credit report and people prejudge you as one who does not pay “their fair share”. Will you be faithful then?

Or because you got saved, your family thinks you have gone off the deep end with “religion” and they come against you, all of them. Will you stay faithful to Jesus then? Faithfulness is something in the heart. When your mind tells you just one little lie won’t matter, your heart says no because you love Jesus.

When your mind says, get bitter and angry over what happened to you, your heart says no, I will be faithful to Jesus and forgive others. When your mind says what did I do wrong with my children, your heart says trust in the Lord. Proverbs 22:6 KJV “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Friends, if you set it in your heart to love God, obey God and be faithful to Jesus Christ, then no matter what the storm, your anchor in Christ will hold. It will carry you through the storms of life. Yes, we may get battered, suffer some losses but we will also reach our destination. That is a promise from God.

There is so much truth in the song The Anchor Holds ( to hear the song, click the title). Remember,  what made Abraham righteous? He believed God over all else. He believed God over what he thought, over what he saw, over what others said. He set it in his heart, no matter what, I believe God and his word. Will you?


Until next time.

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