A Riddle – Can You Solve It?

The Lord has been helping me understand some issues of life. As I have said many times, I ask God questions, lots of questions. He always answers me. A breakthrough came on a topic I have been studying in God’s word.

Have you ever known that you knew something from God’s word and you know and understand what God is teaching but then one day God makes it clear why you believe it?

People believe all kinds of things. Most people believe they will go to heaven when they die. When you ask them why they believe that, they tell you because they have been a good person. Then they give you a list of good works or they list things they have never done.

When you tell them and show them from scripture, what they do or don’t do will not get them to heaven, most reject that. It is not you they are rejecting, it is Jesus and God’s word they are rejecting. So don’t take it personally.

You can speak about anyone and most people will not get upset and most people will converse with you about anyone. Except Jesus Christ. When you want to talk about Jesus Christ people say, that’s what you believe, or I never discuss religion, or they say, I don’t want to talk about it.

In my quest to fully understand a topic, God showed me a riddle. So I put forth the riddle to you. See if you can answer the riddle.

We know Satan attacked Job and his family, possessions and his health according to Job chapters 1 and 2. After Satan’s attacks, Job’s wife says,  Job 2:9 KJV  “Then said his wife unto him, Dost thou still retain thine integrity? curse God, and die.” Why did Job’s wife tell Job to curse God and die?

Did you ever ask, what would cursing God do? Would speaking words against God bring back his children? No. Would cursing God bring back his possessions? No. Would cursing God heal his body? No. So why would his wife tell him to curse God?

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2 responses to “A Riddle – Can You Solve It?”

  1. David C. Lee says :

    Job’s wife had just endured similar suffering as Job himself other than than the physical afflictions. In one day, she lost her children whom she bore, her worldly possessions, her home, social status, most likely her friends, and essentially the man whom she married. What’s more, she had to care for her loved one, covered with agonizing boils. She had to deal both of their mental and physical suffering, 24/7, with no resources. Many of us do this already. I care for my mother with Alzheimer’s Disease even though she doesn’t know me anymore. When I have to change her bed for the third time in one night, it is easy to get frustrated. In a moment of weakness or frustration or even love, she uttered the infamous words. We don’t know the inflections of her voice, her facial expressions, the “how” she uttered them nor do we know the same of Job. Maybe he wasn’t scolding her but spoke with loving surprise. We do not have enough information to make a judgement.
    Thus, what we assume is a reflection of our own beliefs and emotions. We all have moments of weakness where we said something we later regret or even are totally misunderstood. God did not rebuke her for saying such. Instead, she patiently cared for Job during his crisis and no other word was mentioned concerning her in the remainder of the Bible. We assume she was still married to Job in the end when she bore him more children, and experienced joys of the restoration of his previous life given by God. I admire the perserverence of his wife through these awful times and she too was rewarded at the end. God had rebuked Job’s friends but not his wife.
    Perhaps she represented the usual advice many people would give Job as a solution for his seemingly unsalvagable predicament. It is a lesson that many of us would have difficulty comprehending much less finding a solution. Imagine the panic, fear, and terror that must have engulfed them. Perhaps she was tempting Job for the easy way out. Out of mercy and/or of lack of understanding, it was the only way she could think of ending his misery. If she just asked him to die, she wouldn’t know if he would for he endured so much and did not die. By cursing God, she could be assured he would die and end his misery. She must of had faith in God in order to know that cursing Him would ensure Job’s fate. I believe, before that, she had prayed to God to deliver Job. But when that did not come, she may have thought, like his “friends,” that a great sin against God by Job was the cause of his problems. In her simplistic thinking, maybe this was her only solution she could think of to end his agony. For that she has been vilified.

    However, I think not, because of her actions and the rewards she shared with Job upon conclusion of his/their torment. They imply a different narrative. Their Devotion in the face of what we can not know and The Love of God, in the end, Triumphs!

    • heavensrecord says :

      Thank you for your response. You have given much thought to the riddle and your answer shows the depth of your thinking on the riddle. Let me clear up any misconceptions.

      ~ It has nothing to do with “making a judgment”
      ~ In no way was Job’s wife being vilified

      You are correct, God did not rebuke her, but her husband did in Job 2:10 when he told her she was speaking as a foolish woman. And that is the key, her speaking.

      I can relate to your situation with your mother, I too have recently gone through a similar situation and God called my mother home 3 years ago. In spite of everything our parents put us through in their old age, we need to ask ourselves, why do we care for them? I believe it is a greater love. Love is not “a worldly possession, social status, friends” and many of our “friends” put their parents in senior homes. Why don’t we? A greater love.

      The answer to the riddle has nothing to do with Job’s wife, our beliefs or our emotions. The answer to the riddle is Job recognized something was going on they could not see. He clearly thought it was God because he said, ” shall we receive good at the hand of God and not evil”? God did straighten Job out layer in the book but Job watched his lips, his mouth, what he said.

      Christians today do not consider what is going on in their sphere of their life. So they speak “foolish” words sometimes. Often, Christians look at things of the flesh (social status, worldly possessions, etc) and of this world and they base their decisions on those factors. They are not looking at God, his word’s direction, or spiritual implications as Job did.

      Our next couple of posts will deal with this topic. Thanks again for your input and I pray God strengthen and encourage you with your mother. Pray for her and pray with her for God to heal and strengthen her. And off topic, Dr. Joel Wallach says Alzheimers can be cured with eating eggs. He says the brain is made up of cholesterol 80%, and people who take cholesterol lowering drugs put themselves at risk. I don’t know for sure, but he is a real doctor. Check him out.

      God Bless.

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