Wealthy Believers Conclusion

Wealthy Believers Conclusion


As investing in the world’s economy, you expect a return on your investments – God promises us a return if we invest in God’s economy. People will do strange things for money, wicked, ungodly things. I am not going to list those but I do want to point out two things:


1 – When Jesus was tempted in the wilderness by Satan, Satan tempted Jesus first, with bread – food – provisions. [Remember, this is the return, the promise of the firstfruits offering – barns filled with plenty. And isn’t it interesting that Jesus is our firstfruits.]


Remember, Jesus was hungry. He had just gone 40 days and 40 nights without food. When you commit to doing things God’s way – your finances – Satan will try to convince you that you will not have enough or you don’t have enough to start or if you do this you will go without. Satan will tell you God has not met your needs or tithing does not work or why not just quit – just like Satan tried on Jesus, (see Matthew 4:2-4 and Luke 4:2-4). When Satan tries that with you, and he will, Do what Jesus did – quote God’s word out loud back at Satan. Satan will put thoughts in your head, rebuke the thought and quote God’s word out loud. This will strengthen your faith. A good verse is Philippians 4:19.


2 – But then Satan tried to deceive or trick Jesus. Satan, using God’s word, twisted God’s word to cause doubt or get Jesus to rethink the matter.


We see what bills are coming due or what we have in our hand and many times we are afraid to trust God. I have been there. Where I laid out my tithe and my bills and told God, if I tithe I don’t have enough to pay my bills. If I don’t tithe I can pay my bills but not tithe. So what do you do? This is really a test of faith and I must confess, I failed the test and paid my bills. And there were times I “borrowed” from God part of my tithe to get food or pay a bill. I reasoned with God, well David ate the shewbread in the temple didn’t he? Now I understand, we have to fully trust God. Lean completely on him. God provides for us because he loves us but when you honour God and give him first an offering, a tithe and firstfruits, according to God’s word he gives us a return.


If you are struggling to put food on your table and your “stuff” is breaking down – tithe and give to God first. Then stand on God’s word, speaking back to God his word and when Satan tries to plant thoughts in your head it is not working, rebuke Satan and keep speaking God’s promises because faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God, Romans 10:17. And don’t forget, we have the Holy Spirit in us.



3 – Which is also Point 2. Notice in Matthew 4:8,9 and Luke 4:5-8 Satan tempts Jesus with the world’s wealth and power and Satan tells Jesus the world’s power and glory (wealth) is in Satan’s hand.


Today, there are people who will sell out for power or money. Some will sell out their family, some their community, some will sell out their country. Jesus said, what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and loose his own soul. If you want wealth so you can have a cushy life, that is called greed and do not expect God to bless that.


One thing I noticed – I did not understand targeting my giving. When I would give to missionaries, my wealth would increase. I never put it together back then. Now I understand. Back then, I didn’t know anything about tithing, alms giving, firstfruits, or even seed giving. Sure I would drop a few dollars into the offering plate at church. If there was a need whether at church or the Salvation Army buckets, I would give. But I have always had a heart for missionaries. Some missionaries live in the harshest of conditions and they choose to do that to share the gospel and help the people. My growing up with an outhouse and no running water, I did not want to live in the conditions the missionaries were living in, but I would support them. And when I would pray over what missionaries God wanted me to help and I would just start sending them regular monthly support, my business would increase. I never put 2 + 2 together, till now.


If you want to target your giving I have put a chart together for you to see God’s economy. It takes faith, guts, courage and trust in the Lord to keep his promises. Be wise as serpents but gentle as doves. As Jesus said – Matthew 12:16 “


God's Economy

God’s Investment Chart in His economy




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