The Seed Of Talent

We know about themes. By definition,  a theme is the topic or subject matter. We pick themes for our browser, our computers, and even our homes. We decorate according to themes. Even birthday cakes have themes. People have themes to their life. Some themes in a person’s life are generational.

It is like the Jewish guy whose father was a lawyer and his father was a lawyer and his father. The son says, dad, I don’t want to be a lawyer. Talk about shock and awe? God did not make us robots.

We can look at some people and have a good idea about their life theme based on their occupation. But what about those who are not doctors or nurses? We all have a theme to our life. Our individual themes come from God.

God created each of us with a seed of talent in something. For years I asked God, why am I here? What do you want me to do? I searched and really struggled with my purpose in life. There have been many books written about purpose in life and how to find your purpose.

Finding our purpose in life we seek through Guidance Counselors. Schools do aptitude testing. Even the military tests candidates to learn of their “natural inclinations”.

Our seeds of talent God created in each of us. Why? To help us through life. To guide us through life. But that seed of talent is just that, a seed. Like all seeds, they must be watered and given light or they will not grow.

Discovering your seed (s) of talent is really quite easy. What do you really, really like? If money was not an issue and you could do what ever you wanted to do, what would you do? That is a seed of talent. Cultivate that seed even if you have to cultivate it in your spare time.

Seeds of talent can also be areas of interest. Let me give you an example. I went to college to be a journalist. At that time in my life I was tinkering in music, taken aptitude tests that showed very high reading comprehension abilities and scored very high in data processing. I wanted to be a newspaper reporter, specifically print newspapers. It was not because I liked writing, I didn’t. It was the digging out the story that I liked. The investigation. When I realized stories were assigned or I had to cover things I did not like, I left.

My focus shifted to my inner love for music and real estate. Then the Lord got a hold of me. Now I wanted to know God’s will for me. For years I struggled with God, what have you called me to do. Not realizing 30 days after I got saved the pastor’s wife asked me to be their organist. I accepted. It never clicked with me that God was directing my steps.

Thirty years later it hit me. My seed(s) of talent. Music. Back when I started working in the music industry I knew I would not make a fortune in music unless I wanted to compromise myself, and I did not. So I ventured into real estate to make a living.

It has not been until the past three years I have understood that the seeds of talent God planted in me I did cultivate and use. I did bring forth fruit. The writing? God showed me it isn’t the writing but the research, the investigator in me. I dig and dig for answers. When I got saved, I would dig every day in God’s word.

You too have seeds of talent. Instead of trying to figure everything out ask yourself, what do I really like? Is it something specific? A product or a process? Talk with guidance counselors and take aptitude tests.

A good online resource is O Net Online where when you click on a category it opens the field and shows all the tributaries of that field. Click on one of the tributaries and that opens more tributaries. Pray and ask God to show you what way to go and to open doors for you. Remember, the seed is already planted in you. Make it grow. Until next time.

When I ventured into playing Christian music someone gave me a card. It is not about the beautiful flowers, but the words that deeply touched me. I wanted to share them with you so I posted them below.


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