Body Parts – Soul Parts

Remember Jesus said in Matthew 13:13 – they seeing see not, they have ears hear not? So if you look at two people walking down the street, from the outside, they look the same. They both have legs, arms, head, eyes and ears. Are their arms, legs, eyes and ears who they are or are those features, their “parts”?

Chances are those two people have a family, an occupation, a home, some possessions. Do these things identify who these two people are or are these things influences in their life?

So what determines who these two people are? Their body? Their body parts? Their possessions?  Ahh, some say it is what’s on the inside that counts. Well you would be on the right track if you say that. But what part or parts of the inside? And, why don’t we see what’s on the inside of people we only see what’s on the outside? What parts are on the inside of people?

And that, my friend, is the answer to many of life’s problems. What parts are on the inside of man? Soul and spirit. You see your soul shows your motives to why you do the things you do. Your soul is your mind, your will and your emotions. And everyone, every human being has a soul. God created every one of us with a soul, a spirit and God gave us each a body.

So what distinguishes our two people walking down the street? Their soul and their spirit. Our spirit is our spiritual part. And our soul is our mind (what we think and our motives), our will ( what moves us to do what we do) and our emotions. So why does one person give up everything to work in a mission field or give away their earthly treasures to help others and another person work to build personal possessions?

And if our body has “parts”, does our soul and spirit have “parts”? When we look at the complexities of the human body and how each part works with the other parts, we can truly say, isn’t God AMAZING!

We see many of the parts to our body but there are parts we don’t see because they are hidden inside each of us. Unless someone cuts us open to operate we do not typically see our inward, hidden parts. We see the functioning of our inward parts and know they are working because our heart is pumping our blood. Our eyes show us images from the inward parts working. Our intestines and stomach process the food we eat.

Our soul and spirit are inside us. These parts have parts and they function as well. We may not physically see these inward parts or watch how they work but we know they are working because we think, we have emotions, we have our own will and we have a sense of spiritual awareness. But if we were to separate our parts and look at the body separately and then look at our soul separately and then look at our spirit separately and examine all of their  parts separately, we would get a clear picture of how amazing God is and how God put us together.

Some people think that once they die that’s it. But anyone who believes in God and his word knows that there is life after death. Can we convince those that do not believe? No, only God can change hearts, change “inward parts”. But we can pray for them and show them examples and help water their inward parts with truth from God’s word.

Our soul is an inward part. You can not see my soul and I can not see your soul. But I can see what you think based on your actions. I can see what your soul likes by what you look like and what you possess. I can see how your soul works by your problem solving skills. Not only is your soul your mind, but it is your will too and it is your emotions. If you are always depressed, I know your soul is thinking depressing thoughts frequently.

Emotions – how many emotions can you list? Happy, sad, joyful, angry, hurt, resentful, peaceful, patient, kind…..
Emotions are based on what you think. So if you are depressed, you are thinking depressing thoughts. If you are sad, you are thinking sad thoughts. I never knew I could change my thoughts up until about three years ago.

I use to think when a thought came into my mind, where did that come from or why am I thinking that? I never knew I could change or rebuke a thought. What convinced me? Jesus. We have all kinds of thoughts all day long. Our family, friends, coworkers, associates, pastor, and yes even God put thoughts into our head all the time. And when Satan attacked Job, Satan was trying to convince Job in his mind that God was angry and upset with Job. Even Job’s friends went along with that thought. But Job knew better.

And when Satan went after Jesus he spoke to Jesus. He put thoughts into Jesus’ mind. See Matthew 4 :1 – 10.

So our soul has parts:
Our mind
Our will
Our emotions
And these parts gave parts:
Emotions – characteristics of love, hate, anger, joy, etc.
Our will – what drives and motivates us

And we will pick this up from here next time.



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