Music Impacts Our Soul

The Lord has been teaching me and opening my understanding about our spirit man. As I put the study together I wanted to share a video with you.

The video I am sharing was done in 2013. As my regular readers know, I am a musician. To me, music is truly an art and a gift from God.  Many people think if they hit a few notes or strum a few chords, that is music. Not me. To me, music has to be melodic. It must have a flow, a message and be pleasing to the ear.

So when I found this video I was reminded how David danced unto the Lord. How praise in music magnifies our Lord. And how music is medicine for the soul. Remember when King Saul was troubled by evil spirits he would call David to play music? Music does impact our soul.

Thought I would share this. This song will lift you up and remind you that indeed, God is in control. The first time I watched this I was hooked. The music, the praise is awesome. The second time I watched I observed the people. Strangers. The third time I noticed the police, traffic lights, and even some spectators knew the song and sang along.

So enjoy. Here is the link. Clicking the link will take you away from our site to YouTube. If you would rather copy and paste the URL then I have provided that as well. I call the video the Hezekiah Video.

Hezekiah Video

Until next time.



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