Running From Thoughts

Last time we mentioned Elijah the prophet of God, lived at a time, a very wicked man ruled in the northern kingdom of Israel. The wicked man was Ahab and his wicked wife Jezebel. Interestingly, God tells Elijah to go to Ahab and speak to him and God even tells Elijah where he will find Ahab.

1 Kings 21 and 22 go into depth about Ahab but God tells Elijah to tell Ahab God is going to bring evil on him because Ahab sold himself to work wickedness ( 1 Kings 21:21-29). God also tells him his wife, Jezebel, is going to be eaten by dogs. (Not an allegory but real dogs).

Three years go by and sure enough Ahab is killed ( 1 Kings 22:37-40). Ahab’s wicked reign lasted 22 years (1 Kings 16:29). Now Ahab is dead but Jezebel is still alive.

Then we read Elijah is taken up (raptured) to heaven and Elisha takes his place ( 2 Kings 2:1-15). And then we read that Jezebel is standing in a window and Jehu tells the eunuchs to throw her down. They throw Jezebel out the window and Jehu tramples her. They go in to eat and when they come out to take Jezebel’s body to bury it, there is nothing left of her body except her skull, feet and palms of her hands. Just like God told Elijah years before in 1 Kings 21:23. And Ahab’s 70 sons were all killed. Why? Because Ahab and Jezebel did so wickedly and they caused their family and nation to sin greatly against God. Sound like any leaders you know today?

Imagine when Elisha saw what God told his master Elijah, come to pass. God was very upset with Ahab and Jezebel. Scripture says God knew Jezebel stirred up Ahab to do wickedness in 1 Kings 21. Not only did Jezebel come against God and God’s people but she also stirred her husband up to do things against God.

Revelation 2:20 mentions Jezebel as we explained last time. Clearly, there are those who deliberately lie, misguide, teach and seduce people into their teachings, not the word of God. Many do it by selling themselves for profit. Example: Someone asks you to do a mailing or hand out coupons and they are willing to pay you so much money to do that. What do you do?

Some would say yes, okay. And set up the details. Others would say, what is the mailing / coupons and say okay, that’s not what I believe but I need a job. And then there are the Elijah(s) who say no, I am not promoting something that clearly goes against God, his word and what God says. So how did each of the three come up with their decision?

Do you make decisions based on what you know? Do you make decisions based on what you think? What you believe? Have you ever made a wrong decision? Most people live by what they think. They live where their mind is, where their body is. You are where your mind is. That’s why you can be on vacation and not have a good time. Your mind is at work or some place else.

People lay in bed trying to go to sleep and their mind is going 1000 miles an hour. Then you can’t get to sleep. Elijah saw Jezebel kill prophets of God ( 1 Kings 18:4 ). After that Elijah called God to send fire from heaven and God did ( 1 Kings 18).  Ahab tells Jezebel how Elijah killed all their (false) prophets in 1 Kings 19.   So when Jezebel “said” she was coming after Elijah, Elijah had a picture in his mind of what she was planning to do to him. So Elijah ran. He fled. Was she chasing him? No.

Was Jezebel’s threat real? Yes. But Elijah had fear based on what he saw in his mind. So God reassures Elijah in 1 Kings 19:3-21. God had called Elijah and God was protecting Elijah.  Friends, we live by images we have in our mind. We see pictures of people starving and hungry so we try to stock up food. We see poverty and those images are in our mind. People run from images. They have images in their mind so they run.

People run from images in their mind and not what is really happening. We run from the devil when God tells us he will protect us and no evil thing will hurt us.

Satan creates fear in our mind. Then we get pictures in our mind. Then we act on those images or pictures and not on the promises of God. When Israel was trapped at the Red Sea they were afraid. Just because you are afraid does not mean you are in danger. Israel did not know God intended to part the Red Sea. They saw they were trapped and they had pictures in their mind of being slaughtered by Pharaoh.

Jesus told us, I will never leave thee nor forsake thee. And to comfort and strengthen us, Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit. That’s why God tells believers, be anxious for nothing.

You can not let yesterday’s hurts paint pictures in your mind that makes you afraid to step out some place new with God. We will pick it up from here  next time.



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