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Some of my readers may already know this but it just made an impact on me. Yes I know God is awesome, incredible, great, holy and a lot of other wonderful things. I know the Scriptures tell us God is ALL KNOWING ( Omniscient ) and there are several prophecies that point to God’s Omniscience. But something got my attention yesterday and I had to share it because it created questions for me to ask God, and I bet it might do the same for you.

No, I am not questioning God’s Omniscience. Let me explain but let me start by asking you a couple of questions first.

~ As Alpha and Omega, does God know the end from the beginning, yes or no?

~ Does God know what will happen tomorrow, and a week from today and a year from today?

~ Did God know if you would get saved or not get saved?

~ Does God have a plan for your life?

~ Does God know if you will fulfill his plan for your life?

What makes these questions important is Isaiah the prophet. You see, Isaiah lived during the reigns of Uzziah, Jothan, Ahaz and Hezekiah, kings of Judah. If you add up the years these kings reigned you get about 113 years. Uzziah reigned 52 years and I have not checked when, during those 52 years, when Isaiah was born. But Uzziah reigned 52 years, Jothan reigned 16 years, Ahaz reigned 16 years and Hezekiah reigned 29 years. And Isaiah the prophet lived during these times.

Here’s the kicker, Isaiah Chapter 45 you have Isaiah speaking of a king named Cyrus and during Cyrus reign as king, he will rebuild and restore  Israel. Now move ahead about 150 years, Isaiah is dead and low and behold, Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon carries Israel into bondage. Daniel the prophet, along with his three friends are in captivity in Babylon.

Daniel interprets the dream of the image of gold, silver, brass and iron and clay. Daniel tells Nebuchadnezzar there is going to be a kingdom after Nebuchadnezzar’s. Time goes on and it is time for a kingdom change. So Darius the Mede ( Medes and the Persians ) starts his rule. And guess who his nephew is? Cyrus. Daniel 6:28 KJV
” So this Daniel prospered in the reign of Darius, and in the reign of Cyrus the Persian.”

So about 150 years after Isaiah the prophet lived, Daniel the prophet takes a prophecy from Isaiah 150 years earlier, to Cyrus. The prophecy, God is calling Cyrus by his name and says what Cyrus will do. Now imagine this. Someone from God comes to you and hands you a paper from 150 years ago. That paper identifies you and who you are, calls you by your name and says what you will do, what would you think? Especially knowing the person handing you the paper has a 100% success rate on prophecies?

This makes me ask God questions. Cyrus had free will. Did Cyrus have a choice? God knew what Cyrus would choose. It is just so incredible 150 years after the prophecy is given because the same type of situation happened regarding Jesus. Except Jesus knew and Cyrus had no idea until Daniel showed him.

Had to share that one. Until next time.



Who Is The Church?

Let me preface this with one verse that seals my heart and one point. 2 Timothy 1:12 KJV  “For the which cause I also suffer these things: nevertheless I am not ashamed: for I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day.”

One point – Prior to 1900, for the most part, there was not great confusion or contentions about the word of God. Sure there was some and there were different ” denominations “.  Everyone pretty much used the Geneva  Bible and then in 1611, the King James Bible if you were English speaking.

But starting around 1900, “newer versions” started popping up. And then came the “plain English” versions. Now we have everyone making their version of God’s word. The problem with that is when man starts messing with God’s word, two major things happen.

1 ~ They loose the inspiration of the scriptures, the God breathed life of the scriptures and then that Bible becomes just like any other man made book.

2 ~ Confusion comes from all the different interpretations because words are changed or altered to update terminology. That then alters the meaning God laid out in scripture.

Solution? If you want to understand something in scripture, use the King James not the New King James, but the King James Bible. Then look at your translation to see how the original meaning was changed in the “newer” version.

That said, no one knows everything about the word of God, no one. We pray and ask God to teach us. Proverbs 2:6 KJV  “For the Lord giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.” Out of God’s mouth ( his word ) comes knowledge and understanding. So let me lay some ground work.

We are told to “rightly divide” God’s word, 2 Timothy 2:15 KJV  “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

So now we know there are divisions of God’s word. And God tells us to make the divisions correctly ( rightly divide ). So how do we rightly divide the word of truth? God helps us. First God divided the Old Testament from the New Testament. In the New Testament, God divided the time Jesus was physically here on earth, ( the 4 gospels ) with the time after the resurrection of Jesus. God also shows us a division when the Holy Spirit comes and lives inside believers and never leaves the believer. Unlike in the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit would come and go.

But what about other areas? Well if you do not rightly divide the word of truth you do not have correct information. Example – running water. People use to wash their hands in a basin of water and later found out with everyone washing their hands in a basin that was keeping germs and disease in the water basin and whoever they touched or operated on ended up with the disease. God told Israel about this back in Leviticus 15:11-13. But it was years and years later that plumbing with running water came around.

So when we are trying to understand something from scripture, we have to ask who is this scripture addessed to. Scripture has a literal and spiritual application for every verse. Sometimes, scripture clearly explains itself like when Judas hung himself after throwing down the silver coins in Matthew 27:1-9 scripture tells us this was fulfilling a prophecy from “Jeremy” Jeremiah the prophet. And other times, like Daniel, we ask God to help us understand what his word is telling us.

Which brings me to my main point. Matthew 24. People are being confused with Matthew 24. God is not the author of confusion so this confusion is not coming from God. I had someone the other day call me and ask me if the “church” ( born again believers ) was going to go through the Great Tribulation mentioned in scripture. They said they use to think no, but now they were not so sure. I was amazed because they had for about 15 years or so never had an issue with that doctrine. Now, all of a sudden, they were listening to some “preacher” who put doubt in their mind. Again, God is not the author of confusion.

I am not saying God can’t teach us things we do not know. To the contrary. For years fundamental churches did not teach about the Holy Spirit. How when Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to live inside all believers. So logically speaking, is the Holy Spirit God? Yes. Would God bring his wrath upon himself? Don’t think so. The Great Tribulation is the pouring out of God’s wrath. Why would people think God would pour out his wrath on himself, who is indwelling all believers?

And Matthew 24 is a chapter with a lot of “meat” as we might say. People read things into scripture that is not there. Then they teach others their interpretation as “doctrine”. And hence, a heresy is born.

Let me give you one major key to understanding the New Testament. Keep this key in mind when you read and study scripture. Who is the church?
You have to identify who the church is so when you read verses about the church you know who God is talking to. The church is made up of  New Testament Jews and Gentiles who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ unto salvation. These believers are one in Christ and have the Holy Spirit living inside them, guiding, teaching and working through them. Paul explains this in the book of Romans.

So back to Matthew 24. Here is a homework assignment. Using a King James Bible, can you find the word “church” in Matthew chapter 24?

And we will pick it up from here next time.


What Makes a Smartphone Smart?

All of mankind has the same information from God, his word.  So why isn’t the world, the population of the world, why aren’t they all believers? We all have the same information right? One word, process. People process information differently.

If someone tells you something or you read something, you process that information and determine if you believe the information to be true or false. If it is negative information we try to look at extenuating circumstances to see if there is a cause. You are processing the information and determine if you believe the information or not. But after you decide if you will believe or not, what if more information comes along making you question your decision? Let’s make this practical.

We use to have phones, landlines. Then we had mobile phones. Why were they called mobile phones? You know. Then they were called cellular phones. Why cellular? Because towers placed throughout the country allowed phones to connect from anywhere, cellular.  Now we have smart phones.

What makes a smart phone  “smart ” ?
We think of smart as intelligence. But smart does not mean intelligent, it means quick, keen, sharp. That’s why we say things like, he is a smart dresser or she looks smart, meaning he is a sharp dresser or she looks sharp.

Smart phones are not intelligent. But man is trying to give machines intelligence and that is what the whole AI (Artificial intelligence) movement is about. But look at the first letter or the first word, artificial. Meaning fake. Fake intelligence. Not real. But man has chosen to call our new phones, smart phones, not that they have intelligence but meaning quick, sharp. Quick at processing information.

Yet some people think their smart phone has a brain. And not only do we now have “smart phones” we also have “smart tvs” and “smart cars”. And all of these items do not have a brain or the ability to think on their own. Google and others are working on artificial intelligence and programming in different scenarios to make computers or machines act like they have a brain but the machine is only as good as the programmer. Because only God gives life.

Which brings me back to my point. Process. Machines, phones, tvs, cars, refrigerators, and other items are being programmed to process information and arrive at a solution or outcome. And if A happens go to B. If B does not work skip down to H. These are machines with processors. The processors process the information programmed into the machine. And if the machine processes the information for you, you do not have to use your brain.

We have a brain. Our brain processes information too. And because we have life, given to us by God, we have access to things machines do not, God through prayer. So why go here with this you might wonder. Because we humans, created by God, have a processor to process information. Yes our brain but what our brain tells us can be wrong sometimes. Did you ever change your mind on something? Sure.

The reason the whole world is not a believer is the people process the information differently. Many people process spiritual matters with their brain. That is the wrong way to process spiritual matters. God talks to our spirit man in our heart. Remember the parable of the sower in Luke 8.

Luke 8:11-12 KJV  “Now the parable is this: The seed is the word of God.
[12] Those by the way side are they that hear; then cometh the devil, and taketh away the word out of their hearts, lest they should believe and be saved.”

People have a lot of head knowledge. And people are bombarded with all types of information every day. Some information is true, others fake, others twisted. How do we process the information we are bombarded with?

Proverbs 2:6 KJV  “For the Lord giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.”

Notice out of his mouth? That means his word. And if people do not believe the word of God or they think the word of God has errors, they can not process information correctly, no matter who they are. Processing information about life, family, God, health, money, prosperity and everything else has to be processed through what saith the Lord in his word.

Everyone has the right to believe what they want but when you die, it is too late to change your mind. Until next time.


Is God Processing Time?

This has been an adventure with the Lord the past week. Answers to some of my questions came. I learned a long time ago, when God gives me something from his word, share it. Even though I may not have a full understanding of every aspect of the lessons.

As a Christian believer, I want to be effective for my Saviour Jesus Christ. I assume most believers feel the same way. One question I tried to understand is why doesn’t everyone want to be saved? Go to heaven? I understand some just flat out don’t care.

The roots of beliefs are what nourishes the tree or plant. But the roots aren’t the only thing. You have sunlight too. So what is the root of beliefs? Process. Let me explain.

People say there is no time with God. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Scripture does say that. But God is the one who laid out time. Scripture says in many areas, in so and so month on such and such day, do this or that happened.

We know God points to specific days or times in scripture. The prophecies of the deliverer coming to Israel while in bondage in Egypt. Daniel had visions the archangel Gabriel came to explain,  to help Daniel understand the times of world empires. The prophecies of the Messiah Jesus Christ and he would be killed and raise from the dead. Even the church is told of a time of tribulation. A time Jesus calls believers up to meet in the air and why? Because God has not appointed believers to the time of his wrath, just as scripture says.

So to say there is no time with God – I would disagree. God established time. God created the sun to rule by day and the moon and stars to rule by night. This established the time of day called daytime and night time. And God created this time before he created mankind. But in heaven, there is no night time, time of darkness.

So when God gave his word and his word was written in the volume of a book, among other things, God was telling of “things of time”. We learn of the time if creation, Israel, the Messiah, the church and even about heaven and hell.

So here is a question. Let’s look at two scripture verses and ask a question.
Matthew 7:13-14 KJV  “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:
[14] Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.”

Luke 13:24 KJV  “Strive to enter in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able.”

If God tells all of us how to get to heaven, why isn’t everyone going to heaven? Why doesn’t everyone get saved? Yes, I understand the parable of the sower and how Satan takes the seed of God’s word in Luke 8: 10-15.

But all of mankind has the same information from God, his word.  So why are few going to heaven? I didn’t say few are going to heaven, God says few are going to heaven in his word. My question is why? Yes, some believe God’s word and others do not. But there is more to it than that. Do you know the answer?

I submit the answer is one word. Process. People do not know how to process the information from God’s word. So people look to God or preachers or other people. And we will pick it up from here next time. Until next time.


Purpose On A Mission

Blooming where you are planted is not easy when you don’t know where your buds are.

In school, my guidance counselors reviewed my testing, scores and results. They latched on to my reading comprehension scores. My exams reflected a 97% in reading comprehension. Back then, I did not understand what that meant.  All the tests, topics and trick questions and I would get their question correct.

When the military put me through a cycle of tests trying to determine where I fit, when completed I asked, what do the tests tell you? He answered, data processing. DATA PROCESSING, I asked. In those days, data processing was thought to be computer punch cards you slide in to computers and that was in the 70s. How boring I thought. I don’t think so I told him. He said I also scored high in mechanical areas. I was thinking, no way am I mechanical. I hate grease. Later I would learn mechanical does not mean mechanics as I thought.

Music was something I tinkered with all my life but didn’t get serious about learning to play until I was about 12. Later I would work in the music industry. I put music programs together to teach people who wanted to learn to play. They didn’t want to be this great performance artist, they just wanted to play for fun. And it was when I was working in the music business that God got a hold of me.

Because I didn’t know God, or much about him, I got a 5 subject notebook, bought a King James Bible and started in Genesis reading and writing down all the “cool stuff ” God taught me.  I went through the whole Bible, Genesis to Revelation making notes.

Now, as a believer, I wanted to find God’s purpose for me. I dabbled in real estate and one day at church a Christian friend told me some people in the church were doing work in real estate. But not what most people think. Most people think real estate is buying, selling or renting real estate. But there are hidden nuggets most people never find in fields.

Sure you could clean, paint, repair, flip real estate but those aren’t the nuggets. So I asked the guy at church, what are you doing in real estate. He said abstracting. I said abstracting? Abstracting what? He said ever time a piece of real estate is sold, a title search is done. Tracing everything in that title including deeds, mortgages, liens, easements, everything, then putting the information into a report is abstracting.

Wow, right up my technically minded alley. Later I would learn all businesses have insurance, for the most part. These underwriters look for people to go out and inspect the property of these businesses. These were the nugget areas.

I thought, how fun. Putting all this information together to send to a title company or underwriter was right up my alley. And just a couple days ago God showed me the definition of data processing. Date Processing is the collection and manipulation of items of data to produce meaningful information.

Now I look back and see the high scores in reading comprehension, the comment data processing and mechanical did not mean grease but meant the mechanics of putting information together. And just about every job I have done I have said,  why do they make things so difficult for the reader, the buyer, the person. Did you ever read a current owner’s manual?  My mom use to tell me, just give you a book and you can do anything.

Now I understand that God has gifted me in data processing. I can take information from a product, service or process, gather the information and utilizing several tools, process that information in to an easy to understand package. The information package is then sold or given away with a product or service. And some of my work is putting together corporate training modules.

So as I recently ventured on understanding how people find their purpose and God explained this to me regarding my life, my pastor’s message was on this same topic today. It was on missions, not missionary type work but mission in life. When he mentioned Noah he asked, what was Noah’s mission? To preach?  No. To travel to far countries? No. Noah’s life’s mission was to build a boat.

Everything that happened to Noah in his life was preparing him for his mission. And not just Noah. Look at Moses. Raised in Pharaoh’s house, taught to be a leader, educated, and what was Moses’ life’s mission? To lead Israel out of Egypt. Everything in Moses’ life was preparing him for his mission.

Everything in Joseph’s life was preparing him to save nations. God used Joseph to save Israel and Egypt. And look at John the Baptist. His life’s mission was preparing the way of the Lord Jesus Christ. Everything in John’s life was preparing him for his mission.

And look at Jesus. Everything in his life as a man was preparing him for his mission, to redeem mankind and destroy the works of the devil.  Paul was a Pharisee before he was saved. Paul knew the scriptures. And everything in Paul’s life was preparing him for his life’s mission, an apostle of Jesus Christ to the Jew  first and also the Gentiles.

So when you look at yourself you should not see just a moment in time. What happens with us is like a book with many chapters and these chapters come together to prepare us for our life’s mission. God uses our life experiences to prepare us for what he has called us to accomplish. Our life’s mission.

So when you know what God has gifted you in, don’t be selfish. Pray God bring you someone you can teach to impart your God given gifts. Think of Elijah and Elisha. Elisha wanted a double portion and Elijah taught Elisha. Share your wisdom and knowledge. Share your God given gifts by planting seeds and watering the seeds so God will be glorified.

Until next time.


What Is Purpose?

Growing up, we most likely had people ask us, what do you want to be when you grow up? One of the most asked questions is, what is my purpose? Why am I here? What is my destiny? And there have been a lot of books sold on finding your purpose. The answer is easy to find. Let me explain.

What is purpose? Is purpose an emotion? Is purpose an action? Is purpose a “spiritual” thing?

By definition, purpose is like a goal as defined in my 1828 Webster Dictionary. It defines purpose as – That which a person sets before himself as an object to be reached or accomplished. But the ambitions of man is generally directed to one or both purposes – wealth or power.

But purpose includes “the end in view”. Another words, when we achieve our purpose, we have a sense of gratification / achievement. So is it, mankind is really looking for gratification and achievement in life?

I like to look at purpose more as goals. People set goals to achieve something that appears to be out of reach at the time. People save money to buy a car so they do not have to walk.

And when we look at or for purpose in life, we acknowledge God created us with a goal in mind. God had a purpose for creating you and me. Some of us go on an adventure with God to discover our purpose. Some just know their purpose.

Ephesians 3:10-11 KJV  “To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God,
[11] According to the eternal purpose which he purposed in Christ Jesus our Lord:”

When we look up purpose in a concordance trying to find our purpose, we discover not one of those verses has our name and purpose. And no, I am not going to write out all 36 references to purpose mentioned. But we can glean insight in finding our purpose and in our next post, I will explain how this helped me find my purpose

What we glean from the 36 references is:
~ Every purpose is established by counsel, Proverbs 20:18
~  Every purpose, there is time and judgment. Ecclesiastes 8:6 and a time and season 3:1

We know the whole purpose God was manifest in the flesh in Jesus Christ was to destroy the works of the devil.
1 John 3:8 KJV  “He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.”

Let’s face it. Since the Garden of Eden the devil has had a field day with man. But Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil.

So we learn from these verses, purpose is established by counsel. So to find your purpose, seek counsel. I will show you how in this and the next post. Naturally, you want to always ask God first. But you want to be specific with God. Ask him to manifest his purpose for your life. You do not want to live your life doing your own thing if it is against God because the time will come to an end and then you will be judged by God. Time and judgment, remember?

Time and judgment never really clicked with me until my mom went home to be with the Lord. For about 25 years I was a church musician. I love music and love to play music. Using my gifts and talents I served for 25 years in church. But that was for a time, a season. One day, God will judge my service as a church musician. Yes, I still play and would help out in a pinch. But that season has passed and it is time for another.

When I was trying to figure out my purpose and answer questions as a child, I couldn’t. People would ask me, what do you want to be? I answeted, I don’t know. I didn’t know at 10 or 20 or 30 or 40. I like a bunch of stuff I would say. I tried many things, they were exciting at first and I would loose interest.

Today, I look back at all the tests and testing I went through. The guidance counselors, the aptitude tests, the military’s testing and they all came up with answers. Often I would say, I don’t like that or not really what I want to do. Funny, music never came up.

When I grew up and got saved, again I started searching for my purpose. Now though, I wanted to please God. I started listing things I liked and didn’t like. Things I was trained in or knew something about.  I even asked a pastor one time. He said, bloom where you are planted. I thought, what a dumb answer. How do you bloom where you are planted when you don’t know where your buds are?

Finding my purpose use to really stress me out. I wanted to be doing what God created me for. And if I start explaining now, this post will be way too long. So I will explain fully next time. I will not post tomorrow, but on Sunday with the answer. Again, Happy Feast of Tabernacles and see you on Sunday, the Lord’s day. Until next time.



Are illusions real? What is an illusion? Is it a trick or is it real? Illusion is defined as deceptive appearance, false show, a way a person is deceived or his expectations disappointed. Mockery.

There are all kinds of illusions. Some are very good and others you can see how the deception works. When you think of it, magic is practicing deception. People create all kinds of illusions. They even create illusions about themselves and their job skills. Everything from a forged education, wealth, keeping up with “the Jones”, to spiritual matters and all the time these are illusions to deceive others of the truth. Even a ” little white lie ” is an illusion, deception.

Satan is the master deceiver. He speaks illusions all the time. Oh he may mix a little truth in there like he did with Eve but his purpose is to deceive. Why? He hates God so he wants to hurt, disrupt, destroy, steal and even kill if he can things God loves. John 10:10 KJV
“The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

So when mankind starts seeking God or truth, Satan starts creating illusions or strife or problems. And because man, in his natural state, looks at things with his eyes, what he thinks and his head, often man is deceived by the illusions. That is why we posted. ..

if you ask God for truth, he gives you his word, which is called seed in the parable of the sower. And where is that seed planted? In the heart of man – Luke 8:11-12 KJV  “Now the parable is this: The seed is the word of God.
[12] Those by the way side are they that hear; then cometh the devil, and taketh away the word out of their hearts, lest they should believe and be saved.”

When mankind repents and turns to God and believes on the Lord Jesus Christ unto salvation, Satan can no longer hurt that person without God intervening and Job is the perfect example. But Satan still tries to disrupt the believer’s life. And because believers think and use processes they were taught from the world’s system, they do not understand why, as a Christian, things in their life do not improve. So I must repeat from the other post Illusions of Believers.

Remember the parable of the mustard seed? Luke 17:6 KJV “And the Lord said, If ye had faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye might say unto this sycamine tree, Be thou plucked up by the root, and be thou planted in the sea; and it should obey you.”

This explains that the world and Satan plant seeds in our heart. God also plants seeds of his word into our heart. And instead of thinking and acting from your head you have to use the word of God, through faith, to pluck up the bad seeds and water and nurture the good seeds.

And that is how you change your life. You see things in your life you want to change for God. You find the scripture relating to those areas in scripture. So in a Concordance you look up the word and copy the verses that apply to your situation. You then pray and ask God to help you. Then start quoting out loud those verses and by doing that, you are planting seeds of God’s promises (and God can not lie). By quoting out loud the scripture the seeds are going into your heart and life. When something tries to disrupt or confuse you, you, by faith, pluck it up (like the mustard seed example) .

We know we are not under the law that was given to Jews, to Israel, but now both Jews and Gentiles are under grace. So how do we apply God’s word now? Some churches or synagogues come up with a list of rules. Their dos and don’ts. But remember, God changes us from the inside out. God focuses on our spirit man. Why? In this flesh dwelleth no good thing. Romans 7:18.

Our flesh and mind (part of our soul) can be influenced by our environment, our experiences, by family and friends, in all areas of life.  People even have illusions of grandeur. Why? Because they do not know how or what to do to bring things to fruition. As I mentioned before but worth repeating – the Spirit of God lives in us (believers) and instructs our heart, not our head.  That’s why your head tells you one thing and your heart something else. A good example of this is a job. You may work a job where your head tells you good pay, benefits, promotion but your heart is some place else. And by not going with your heart, and God’s direction, you end up not living by faith and fulfilling your destiny.

Friends, if you love God, you love Jesus Christ and God’s word, Satan hates you. And Satan will use whatever illusions he can to deceive you. Which brings me to the experiment I mentioned earlier.

I had seen something on holograms. Holograms have been around for a while. They are on credit cards now and even on driver licenses. But there are other holograms where an illusion can be placed in mid air. How? A projector projects the image. A good example is Obi-Wan in Star Wars. More of a Star Trek fan myself.

I thought I would try the experiment of creating a hologram  (What a great project for school or for dad and the kids). I already have a 3D program I use to create people and some are in my posts on this blog. So I tried the clear plastic CD cases, cutting them to size, taping the sides together and setting the contraption on a projected 3D image from my computer. I failed. But the picture below I retrieved from the Internet to show a hologram. The photo is not mine.

But others have succeeded in projecting holograms and word is, Beyonce’ did a hologram performance. I am not a fan and did not check it out but I did find some unique holograms. Images today can be created with great quality in software. And a hologram created from a quality 3D image could fool most people. After all, the hologram is an illusion. And an illusion is deception. And Jesus said, Matthew 24:24 KJV
“For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”

Which shows how important it is to know the word of God and plant seeds of the word of God into your heart and mouth. Happy Feast of Tabernacles.
Until next time.