Is Death A Body Issue Only

We know the brain is an organ of the body, a Command Center. The brain tells each area of the body what to do and how to interpret things. If there is a brain injury such as a stroke or concussion, the brain may not function at 100%. The evidence of a brain injury is manifest through slurred speech or “unnatural” motor skills such as impaired walking.

We know our soul is defined as our mind, will and emotions. So clearly, our brain has to be tied to our soul.

When someone is said to be “dying” it is a reference to their body. Their body is dying. How is it determined a person is dying? It could be a disease eating away at someone’s body but often it is when the person’s body starts “shutting down”.

People involved in automobile crashes sometimes have had their body injured so badly, their body appears to die. Doctors know, once the body appears “dead”, they have a small window of opportunity to revive someone. That window is determined by the knowledge of knowing the heart and kidneys will last about 30 minutes and the liver about an hour or two. Lungs last between 2-4 hours they say.

Body parts, including organs, are kept “alive” until those working on a patient decide to stop trying to revive. And when physicians can not revive a person, their body, they declare them dead. But as we said in our post Is Brain Dead – Dead physicians are focused on the body, the flesh being “alive”. And when physicians detect organs functioning, even if the person is comatose, they will hook them up to machines to keep their organs functioning.

But there is a glitch. Near death experiences. There are many movies and books written telling of people who have “died” and come back. People have said they could see the doctors and nurses working on their body. These people said they were like floating above their body.

People who have died and “come back” have explained experiences they have had while they were dead, according to doctors stating they “died”. And the experiences these “dead” people describe are vivid, colorful and they never forget their experience. Yet the doctors claim they are dead. Which shows us, most doctor’s focus is technically not life, but keeping the organs of a body alive.

Organs of a body are pretty much alike. Some are bigger than others, some healthier than others. Some organs have one blood type and another could have some different blood type. But overall, parts are parts. Your body and body parts do not make up who you are. Your body is a unique vessel made up of a bunch of different organs that work together. But your body is just that, a body. It is not you, it is your house, your body.

Remember, God says he formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into him the breath of life and man became a living soul, Genesis 2:7. Your body, made up of all these parts, is made from the dust of the earth. The real you comes from the breath of life which God gave you and then you became a living soul. And as we have said often, your soul is your mind, will and emotions. The real you is your soul. How your soul thinks. How your soul processes things. What you think, believe and how you respond to things is the real you. And this real you, God gave a body to. And this body is made up of a bunch of parts.

So when doctors fight to keep organs functioning so they can keep a baby alive in a pregnant woman, they know that baby is alive. God breathed into that baby the breath of life. The baby develops and grows. And that is why abortion is bad. It kills something God created. And then when abortion mills harvest baby body parts for money, it is a great evil.

And now a question. When people appear to “die” and then have a “near death experience” why do these people have different experiences? Remember, God gave us insight to what happens when our body dies in Luke 16: 19-31. We know this scripture is not a parable because Jesus told us. And not once did Jesus call it a parable. Jesus identified parables and if it was not a parable, he was clear not to call it a parable. This is one if those times where Jesus let us know it was not a parable.

We will pick it up from here next time.



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2 responses to “Is Death A Body Issue Only”

  1. heavensrecord says :

    Technically, when a person dies in their body, their soul goes into eternity and their spirit, which is the breath of life according to Genesis 2:7, goes back to God who gave it according to Ecclesiastes 12:7.
    The soul is one’s mind, will and emotions. When a person gets “saved” their spirit is quickened or made alive unto God and their soul is saved from Hell and the Lake of fire. So when a believer dies, their body is buried in the grave and their soul and spirit go back to God. When an unbeliever dies, their body is buried, their spirit goes back to God and their soul goes to hell ( Luke 16:19-31) and at the Last Judgment their soul is cast into the Lake of Fire according to Revelation 20:14,15.
    Hope that helps. Thank you for your question.

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