Illusions of Religion – Preface

What is religion? How would you define religion? If you have a clear definition of religion, why are there so many different religions? How do you know your religion is the right “religion”?

If you were to define “religion” you might say, religion is a group of people who gather together around a person’s teachings about life and death. The person teaching is called The Teacher.  And what The Teacher teaches is called theology or doctrine. And the teachings of The Teacher are written down and put into books. Copies are made of the books and distributed to people all over the world.

Then based on geography,  cultures and interpretation of these books, variations of practicing the teachings from The Teacher develop. These variations would be called denominations. So based maybe on culture, you could have someone from the north “practice” the teachings of The Teacher differently than someone from the south.

Narrow minded people see only their culture and sometimes judge or condemn others from other cultures or geographical areas. But when the teachings of The Teacher get twisted, changed, altered to fit a particular culture or geographical location, you get heresy.  Heresy is a fundamental error of teachings. Another words, if The Teacher has taught a teaching / a doctrine about a certain topic and the culture of an area alters that teaching, the culture corrupts the teaching of The Teacher and starts teaching heresy. Teaching fundamental errors in a teaching.

So when you look at the people in the world and what they believe about life and death, you have to ask yourself, where did they get that teaching from? Why do they believe that? Who is their Teacher?

Many people say their teachings come from “the Bible”, others get their teachings from other books, other teachers. And unless you really want to know the truth and venture out to find the truth, you will end up following people and not knowing truth. There can only be one truth and when you die, you can not go back and change your mind. You had your chance to find the truth when you were alive.

I saw an experiment the other day and I thought, what a perfect example. This would clearly show how people see one thing and believe something that is not true. But because they see it, they think it is true. And I am going to show you how to do this experiment so you can teach others. As always, I must lay a foundation. So we will look at who your teacher is and what are they teaching you about life and death.

Until next tine.



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2 responses to “Illusions of Religion – Preface”

  1. Kathryn, Clairaudient Empath says :

    This is amazing. Thank you for putting this so beautifully.

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