Purpose On A Mission

Blooming where you are planted is not easy when you don’t know where your buds are.

In school, my guidance counselors reviewed my testing, scores and results. They latched on to my reading comprehension scores. My exams reflected a 97% in reading comprehension. Back then, I did not understand what that meant.  All the tests, topics and trick questions and I would get their question correct.

When the military put me through a cycle of tests trying to determine where I fit, when completed I asked, what do the tests tell you? He answered, data processing. DATA PROCESSING, I asked. In those days, data processing was thought to be computer punch cards you slide in to computers and that was in the 70s. How boring I thought. I don’t think so I told him. He said I also scored high in mechanical areas. I was thinking, no way am I mechanical. I hate grease. Later I would learn mechanical does not mean mechanics as I thought.

Music was something I tinkered with all my life but didn’t get serious about learning to play until I was about 12. Later I would work in the music industry. I put music programs together to teach people who wanted to learn to play. They didn’t want to be this great performance artist, they just wanted to play for fun. And it was when I was working in the music business that God got a hold of me.

Because I didn’t know God, or much about him, I got a 5 subject notebook, bought a King James Bible and started in Genesis reading and writing down all the “cool stuff ” God taught me.  I went through the whole Bible, Genesis to Revelation making notes.

Now, as a believer, I wanted to find God’s purpose for me. I dabbled in real estate and one day at church a Christian friend told me some people in the church were doing work in real estate. But not what most people think. Most people think real estate is buying, selling or renting real estate. But there are hidden nuggets most people never find in fields.

Sure you could clean, paint, repair, flip real estate but those aren’t the nuggets. So I asked the guy at church, what are you doing in real estate. He said abstracting. I said abstracting? Abstracting what? He said ever time a piece of real estate is sold, a title search is done. Tracing everything in that title including deeds, mortgages, liens, easements, everything, then putting the information into a report is abstracting.

Wow, right up my technically minded alley. Later I would learn all businesses have insurance, for the most part. These underwriters look for people to go out and inspect the property of these businesses. These were the nugget areas.

I thought, how fun. Putting all this information together to send to a title company or underwriter was right up my alley. And just a couple days ago God showed me the definition of data processing. Date Processing is the collection and manipulation of items of data to produce meaningful information.

Now I look back and see the high scores in reading comprehension, the comment data processing and mechanical did not mean grease but meant the mechanics of putting information together. And just about every job I have done I have said,  why do they make things so difficult for the reader, the buyer, the person. Did you ever read a current owner’s manual?  My mom use to tell me, just give you a book and you can do anything.

Now I understand that God has gifted me in data processing. I can take information from a product, service or process, gather the information and utilizing several tools, process that information in to an easy to understand package. The information package is then sold or given away with a product or service. And some of my work is putting together corporate training modules.

So as I recently ventured on understanding how people find their purpose and God explained this to me regarding my life, my pastor’s message was on this same topic today. It was on missions, not missionary type work but mission in life. When he mentioned Noah he asked, what was Noah’s mission? To preach?  No. To travel to far countries? No. Noah’s life’s mission was to build a boat.

Everything that happened to Noah in his life was preparing him for his mission. And not just Noah. Look at Moses. Raised in Pharaoh’s house, taught to be a leader, educated, and what was Moses’ life’s mission? To lead Israel out of Egypt. Everything in Moses’ life was preparing him for his mission.

Everything in Joseph’s life was preparing him to save nations. God used Joseph to save Israel and Egypt. And look at John the Baptist. His life’s mission was preparing the way of the Lord Jesus Christ. Everything in John’s life was preparing him for his mission.

And look at Jesus. Everything in his life as a man was preparing him for his mission, to redeem mankind and destroy the works of the devil.  Paul was a Pharisee before he was saved. Paul knew the scriptures. And everything in Paul’s life was preparing him for his life’s mission, an apostle of Jesus Christ to the Jew  first and also the Gentiles.

So when you look at yourself you should not see just a moment in time. What happens with us is like a book with many chapters and these chapters come together to prepare us for our life’s mission. God uses our life experiences to prepare us for what he has called us to accomplish. Our life’s mission.

So when you know what God has gifted you in, don’t be selfish. Pray God bring you someone you can teach to impart your God given gifts. Think of Elijah and Elisha. Elisha wanted a double portion and Elijah taught Elisha. Share your wisdom and knowledge. Share your God given gifts by planting seeds and watering the seeds so God will be glorified.

Until next time.



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