The Forbidden Topic – America

I am going to ask you to bear with me while I lay some ground work. When finished, I am sure the Lord will open your understanding to The Forbidden Topic. You will see how The Forbidden Topic impacts not only your life, your family and friends but also our nation and the world.

In the world we see nations and peoples of different tongues who are friends or enemies. Wars break out between enemies. Eventually, there are victors of war. And as scripture says, the Victor takes the spoils (treasures). America did not take spoils from others. Great Britain did – they took the land and that’s how the British Empire controlled so much geography.  America has fought wars and won. America could have taken their land like the Brits did, but America did not. We could have taken Japan or Germany and other countries, but we did not. Instead, America helped other countries get back on their feet. We sent food, money, people, machines and yes, the gospel of Jesus Christ to these countries we beat in war. America never took their land or treasures.

America has been the conscience of the world. Led by God and godly people – America set a high standard and if necessary, America would fight with and for our friends. Yes, there have been some wicked people put in charge during America’s existence – but overall – America has been a shining city on a hill, set up by God, to be an example, a help to the rest of the world.

God has not forgotten America as some people say. Some Americans in leadership roles have forgotten God. America has done and continues to do good things around the world in spite of some leaders who want to disassemble America. And America has and continues to share the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord with the world. So what is going on with America? Scripture says sin is a reproach to any nation.

So when unbelievers are put in positions of authority in America, sin runs rampant.  Other nations who have admired America and Americans now look at a country that no longer controls sin, a country now promoting ungodliness and sin. They see a country that is no longer practicing the virtue they once exported around the world. They see wickedness and sin.

It is not about this person or that person, it is about foundations. In 2008 or 2012, I can’t remember which one, the Democrats were having their convention in North Carolina I believe. During their convention they said out loud, confessing with their mouth, they threw God out of their platform. They decided to change their foundation from God to something else. So it would not matter who came along, if they connected them self to the Democrat party, God was no longer their foundation. By their own declaration. No, this is not about politics.

Other parties, whether Republican, Libertarian or what ever, continue with God as their foundation in spite of flawed candidates. Meaning, they still look to God for help and direction. So why is this important?

Where does wickedness come from? People say God has turned his back on America. I don’t believe that. We know the words we speak impact our life so why would people even say that? I choose to speak revival. But you still have to ask, where does this wickedness come from?

Just like taking a family of 2 or 10 and one chooses to take the path “of the dark side”, why? America is a family of Americans and why do some choose the path of the dark side? In a family, all are raised the same way, experience the same family experiences have the same environment but one chooses to take the path of the dark side, why? God tells us. And not only does God tell us why people choose the dark side but we can apply the answer to nations as well. I looked for answers to this why question from God.

My regular readers know I grew up not knowing anything about God. At 27 years old God got a hold of me and I got saved. Once I got saved, I was always reading, studying and in church every time the doors were open. When situations came up, I searched through the scriptures looking for answers on how to handle or deal with things. Things were fine. Then all of a sudden these ” bad things “ started to happen. I took them to the Lord and he helped me through every one of them. But it always seemed like my life was two steps forward one step backwards. I was trying to figure out what I was doing wrong.

Then one night I was sitting at my desk thinking about my Christian life and just talking to God. I started reminding the Lord of how, through everything, I have committed myself to him and have stuck with him. I told the Lord I was doing my best to do things his way and give, help others, use my talents for him and so forth. Then I asked the Lord a question. I asked, is that all there is to the Christian life? Go to church Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night? Serve in the church and with others where I can? Share the gospel with the people you put in my path? Is that all there is? I felt like I was going through motions. Yes, out of love for the Lord but they were still motions.

After being saved, serving and studying God’s word for 30 years I told God I wanted more. I wanted more to the Christian life than going through Christian motions. To describe what it is like would be like being with a bunch of your best friends having a cookout. You enjoy that time. That is what going through Christian motions is like to me, fun. But when you spend time with your girlfriend or boyfriend, the one that has captured your heart, that is different than the fun with your friends. That is what I asked the Lord for, more from him like the boyfriend, girlfriend time and experiences.

About a month or two after talking to God at my desk asking for more, a couple things happened (I will discuss later). But the light bulb came on in my mind. The Lord was showing me something from his word. So I would, out loud, say to the Lord, so you are saying …… and that’s why …….., right?

God showed me, not only was the Christian life a lot more than what I thought, but life in general was a lot more too. I would say to the Lord, but Christians don’t want to go there. Then the Lord started opening my understanding. I thought about the verses God gave me and I would ask questions. God always gave me an answer or a word to look up in his word.

Then I asked God, why after spending 30 years studying your word and in church did I not know this? It was like the Lord said to me, you never asked before. So I said, I’m asking now. What the Lord opened my understanding to changed my life. And the church and most other believers do not go there. It is like it is a Forbidden Topic.

The Forbidden Topic is only mentioned in the New Testament 261 times. And the Apostle Paul mentions The Forbidden Topic 131 times to the church. But the church does not teach the Forbidden Topic, why? Can you guess what The Forbidden Topic is?

Can you think of some things you have read or studied in scripture pastors or teachers do not teach? The Lord opened my understanding to The Forbidden Topic over three years ago now. The Forbidden Topic explains the Godhead  aka Trinity, and it explains everything. Any clues?

So to help people, Lord willing, we are going to focus our next few posts on The Forbidden Topic. And at some point in your life, whether in life or death, you will come across the Forbidden Topic. Need a clue? Ephesians 6:12 KJV
“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places .”

Until next time.



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