Thank You Lord God

When the national anthem brings tears to your eyes and you have loved and served America and God, just to watch a decline of a country you love, relief is sweet. I have not posted political information on this blog. Yes, I have pointed out some things but been careful to stay focused on scripture. Today, I have relief.

When Americans say we are a democracy or they suggest we eliminate the Electoral College, they do not understand the foundation of our nation. America is not a democracy. America is a Republic. As a Republic, we have a representative from of government. What does a representative from of government mean? Do you know?

A representative form of government means we elect representatives from districts all around our nation. These representatives are accountable to their constituents, those who elected them in their districts. These representatives are called delegates. And these delegates vote on our behalf. If they vote against us, we do not vote them in next time.

The reason the founders of America set things up this way is because this held the representative’s feet to the fire so to say. They are held accountable in their district. It makes elected representatives understand this is not about them but it is about what the people say. They serve the people and only the people in their district. Each of the states are sovereign. Another words, each state in these united states rules their own state by the laws of their state. As sovereign states we elect a representative, delegates for our state. The reason is these united states of America don’t answer to a rule of a federal government but the federal government is suppose to be guided by the state’s representatives. This is 3rd grade material that was once taught in “public” schools.

So our elections are based on the Electoral College which is made up of all these representatives called delegates. These delegates select the president in elections. These delegates base their decision on the people they are accountable to, their constituents.

There is the delegate vote and the popular vote. There have been a few, very few, times where the delegates select someone different than the popular vote but their decision was based on the people in their district. Donald Trump has remarkable characteristics like Andrew Jackson had. Andy shook things up too.

If you remove the Electoral College however, you change the foundation of America and we are no longer a Republic. And when people express a desire to eliminate the Electoral College they show their ignorance in why our founders set things up the way they did. Which brings me to my title.

Many, many Christians were praying for God to spare us, Americans, from a person whose platform threw God out. Spare us from a woman who cared more about lining her personal pockets and the pockets of her friends than she did about America, our Constitution or God. No, Donal Trump is not perfect, neither are we. But Donald Trump believes in God, looks to God and loves America and the American people.

For about a year now, every night my alarm would go off about three minutes to nine at night. The word was sent out that from then until election day, at 9pm every night, Christian believers would pray for our country. Ask God to help us. Spare us from an ungodly person who rejected him. And I was down on my knee at 3:15 am this morning, giving God thanks and praise.

It is not a matter of what candidate I support. I have two criteria: Where and what evidence do we have about their position with God and Israel? What do they see and do for America (which includes their position and understanding of the Constitution ) ? Then I examine fruit.

So today, I thank God for answering the prayers of hundreds of thousands of true believers who have been praying for this election. Now we need to pray God Almighty direct and protect Donald Trump and his family. God Bless America!



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