What’s Your Focus – Time is Not Linear

We have a tendency to look at things linear. We look for the beginning and the end of things. Examples would be – WW 1 and WW 2 had a beginning and an end. We look at life having a beginning and an end. So and so lived from one date to another and we inscribe tombstones Born —— Died ——. We look at people from history as living linear. King David, Moses, Noah, George Washington, Abe Lincoln, your grandparents, parents and you.

For us to think of eternity, it is difficult to comprehend because we look at time as linear. So when God says he has no beginning or end, he is eternal, it is difficult to understand. I saw a great illustration of this concept of time and how we can try to understand. Let me explain.

If you draw a vertical line on a piece of paper, then a horizontal line and finish with another vertical line it might look something like this: 

You could put your date of birth at the first vertical line and your date of death at the last vertical line. You fill in information about your life for the horizontal line. Hopefully, you can mark the year you got saved on the line.

And that is how most people look at time. But not God. God knows the end from the beginning. How can we understand that? Your two vertical lines and horizontal line? Draw a big circle around all of them. A circle has no beginning or end.

We have a tendency to look at the time and things in our life’s timeline. We focus on peddy things like kitchen makeovers, what our clothes look like, if a homework project was done completely the way we think. But God looks at the big picture. Did you give a helping hand to someone? Did you comfort those who lost loved ones?

God created heaven and earth. God dwells in heaven and mankind dwells on earth. God, from heaven, can see everything going on on earth. But we can not see what is going on in heaven. But most people believe in heaven. If you ask people what happens after they die, most people will say they go to heaven. But most who say that, don’t know why they think and believe that.

And if you ask people why they think they will go to heaven, most will say because they have been a good person. Even though being a good person is never mentioned as a prerequisite for going to heaven. After all, Abraham was a liar, Noah a drunk, David a murderer, and Paul slaughtered Christians.

You see, most people focus on things in this world. They focus on their timeline of life. They believe things they were told but can not back up their beliefs by the authority of God’s word. Their world is limited to their timeline.

But true believers are different. Their world should be framed by the word of God and not their life’s timeline. 2 Corinthians 4:18 KJV  “While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.”

True believers know there is a spirit world going on around us. We know we do not fight in the flesh but in the spirit. We know there is spiritual wickedness and warfare. And we know we fight back with the word of God.

So let me suggest something that might help you keep things in perspective. If you have ever flown in an airplane, you have seen how small everything looks on earth. If you have seen NASA’s images of earth, you see about 7 billion people. So go to Google Earth and enter your address and select Enter. You will see something like this –


Imagine how God sees everything and you quickly realize the color of the cabinets is not worth an argument.

I have tried in 2016, to draw my readers and those following this blog to realize the importance of understanding your spirit man. To distinguish between your spirit man and your soul and body because it is key to understanding salvation, God’s word and living in this present world. My prayer is if I have helped you in finding true salvation or taught you one thing that has helped in your spiritual walk, then it has been a successful year for this blog.

Until next time.


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