57 Religions Who Is Right – The Test

There are about 57 different religions in the world according to researchers. Many of these “religions” develop their own book (s) and teaching material and their teaching material reinforces their teaching. So how does someone looking for the truth, find their answer? How would you search for God?

You could buy all the books and read them to find truth but most people do not. There is a lot of material online now and some is free. And once you settle on a book or “religion” you then seek out answers from that book. But before you begin you must believe there is a Supreme Being, and we call this Supreme Being God.

There will always be scoffers and unbelievers in this world. As believers, our job is not to convince people God exists, but to preach the gospel of salvation. It is the Holy Spirit’s job to convince people. And as a child grows up under the authority of their parents and learns how to “live” in this world, how to function as a human being, and then sets out on their own to repeat the procedure, so do believers. Not just Christian believers but believers in other religions. Children grow up and reproduce what they were taught.

But sometimes children go in a different direction than their parents. Why? Look at Abraham, God told him to leave his family and home for a place God would show him. When it comes to religion, people are hesitant to leave what they were taught by their parents. Why? I submit because spiritual matters are less well known so people are not sure who is right. And instead of taking the time to find the truth in an area less well known, people believe what parents, teachers, preachers, religious leaders say. So how does one find the truth about spiritual matters? There is a test.

Every religious denomination or religion as we would say, has a book. The people of that religion believe their book. But everyone in that religion may have different opinions or understanding of topics in their book so they break off into another “sect”. They are considered of the same religion but a different sect of that religion. In America, we call them denominations.

But when a sect or denomination does not teach the same fundamentals of that faith, that religion, they are no longer part of that religion. An example is Jehovah Witness is not considered Christian because they do not believe Jesus Christ is God manifest in the flesh. Mormons do not believe that either and Mormons teach you can become godlike. Then you have Buddhist, Humanism, Spiritism, Atheism, Darwinism, Islaam, Agnosticism and a whole bunch more. So how does one decide.

The teachings of all these religions focus usually on earth or a person. And when you read the teachings of these religions you find all of them are based on the works of man. They focus on man’s work. All of them but one, the scriptures. Christianity is the only one that is not based on man or man’s works but is based on Jesus Christ and what he did. And the scriptures, we call the Bible, never says we go to heaven if we work hard and do good.

The test in finding truth is looking at the book of the religion. And ask these three  questions when you look at their books – is salvation based on my works ( if it is, I can not keep every rule or law)
– have all the prophecies come true 100% up to this point in time
– is the leader of the religion still in their grave and if yes, they have no power over death.

These 3 questions are foundational to finding truth. The scriptures tell us Рsalvation is not based on our works but on the works of Jesus. Every prophecy to this point has come to pass from the scriptures. From Jesus being born in Bethlehem, to Germany  being one country not divided, to Israel being a nation in their own land (and many more) all written hundreds of years before they happened. And no, Jesus is not in his grave, he rose from the dead conquering death, hell and the grave.

So if the scriptures have truth, and they do, then one must believe everything in the scriptures, even the things you do not understand. And listening to people who do not believe the scriptures when you do believe the scriptures does more harm than good.

Why have I posted this? Because I have engaged some of my readers in areas they do not understand. The point, you need a final authority for spiritual matters and that final authority has to be God and his word. And just because we do not understand things in God’s word, God has proven his word is true by fulfilled prophecy, by Jesus rising from the dead, by lives that have changed after receiving Jesus Christ into one’s heart for salvation.

Friends, I am not an authority on God’s word. And yes, I have lots of questions for God. But one thing I know, just because I do not understand something in the scriptures does not mean it is not true. There are a lot of things I don’t understand but I believe they are – including wifi. Tesla made over the air transmissions years ago and after someone figured it out they harnessed it and called it wifi. I don’t understand how it works, but I use it and know it does work.

You have to set it in your heart and mind, you either believe God or you don’t. You either believe God’s word or you don’t. And when you come across the things you don’t understand, ask God for help. Proverbs 2:6 KJV¬† “For the Lord giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.”
Until next time.



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