Understanding The Spirit

If you were to look at a house you would see you have a roof, walls, a floor. Does the roof, the walls, the floor determine what is inside the house? No.  Does the roof, walls or floor determine how the house operates? No. So what determines what is going on inside the house?  The modern conveniences? The design? The people? And why do some houses have peace, happiness, love and others rebellion, wickedness and hate?

Have you heard the expression the American Spirit? The Spirit of 1776? The Spirit of America? It is not that America is perfect or everything runs smoothly in America all the time. And it is not that households run smoothly all the time. And it is not that life runs smoothly all the time. But there is a spirit of good and a spirit of evil, in a nation, in a home and in people.

Can you see that spirit with your eyes? No. But you can see the fruit of that spirit. What the spirit produces, good or evil. Can you see the spirit of a home? Of a nation? No, but you can see, by the actions of a nation, a home and the actions of people, fruit they produce, whether good fruit or evil fruit. You can see the fruit of government run education, the fruit of freedom, the fruit of your parenting skills and the fruit of your relationship with God.

So when Jesus said in John 6:63 KJV
  “It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.” Jesus was saying the house, the flesh, the nation profits nothing. These are just things. But the words I speak unto you, they are Spirit and they are life. Notice it is the words, not the building, not the land, not your body, your flesh, your house, but your words. And God’s words give life. It is what is inside, words, spirit, life that brings forth fruit for all to see.

America’s founding fathers set America up as one nation, under God. Their words set the country on a path of good. A path under God. So it stands to reason then that the fruit America would produce would be good fruit.

If the people in your house want nothing to do with God, how can the spirit of your house produce good fruit? Remember Jesus speaking about the root and the branches? It is not about the roof and the walls or the design and modern conveniences in the house. It is not about the land or the mountains or the air or the environment. What brings your country to life is what is inside your country, your people. What is inside your house, the people. What is inside you, your spirit. Take your spirit away and you have a dead body, a shell, a house. Take people out of a house and you have an empty building. Take people out of a country and you have empty land.

And because there is a spirit of good and a spirit of evil, everyone has a free will to choose what spirit they want in their country, in their house and in their body. If they choose evil, they reject God and choose Satan. If they choose God, their direction, guidance and instructions come from God’s word.

Friends, life is not about finding your perfect love, or getting rich, or having good health, or what kind of a job you have. It is about what is inside you. What fruit do you produce? Who did you pick, Satan or God? Good or evil?

When God’s word speaks of spiritual matters, the fruit of the Spirit, using   gifts of the Spirit – all is directed to what’s inside – what is not seen, so the fruit you produce will glorify God. What kind of fruit are you producing?

Until next time.



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