7 Questions To Answer

Okay, God has shown me I need to use a different approach on this topic. I need to engage our readers more. This blog is not designed to bring across my point of view or how I feel about spiritual topics or what I think. This blog is called Heavens Record because it examines Heaven’s Record, the Holy Scriptures, on issues and topics to see what saith the Lord God about a topic.

In this blog, I also try to share how God has taught me, helped me and opened my understanding to him and his word. This in its self is a great miracle because as our regular readers know, I didn’t know anything substantial about God until I was 27 years old. I only knew there was a God and there was a guy named Jesus. Yes, I thought he “was” and God would show me He “Is”.

As I said before, the reason I got saved was selfish on my part – I did not want to go to hell. Period. I didn’t know if there was life after death or not but if there was, I did not want to go to Hell. I wanted to go to heaven. And if God’s word said I needed to do something to go to heaven, I would do it.

Critical thinking is not a strong point of mine. I am a book person. I use books to tell me what to do and how to do them. I always believed there was a God and if he loved mankind he would not leave man on this earth without some form of direction or instruction. So I settled it in my heart and mind that the scriptures were indeed God’s instruction book to mankind. And because God created me as a book person, if I needed answers about a matter, all I need to do is look to God’s book for my answers. Which brings me to 7 questions for you to answer and think about.

We know from the scriptures, God speaks of judgment. We know God set up judges and even has a book in his volume of books titled Judges. We know there is a final judgment. We also know God not only judges mankind but he also judges angels. We know man judges people, things and events. So let me encourage you to use a pad and pencil and answer these 7 questions.

1 – What does judgment mean?
2 – Is judgment a process of the spirit, soul or body?
3 – What are judgments based upon?
4 – In a court of law, when a judge passes judgment on a matter, how does the judge and jury pass judgment on a matter or person?
5 – In life, how do people pass judgment on issues, on people, on events?
6 – And what about believers who were taught, ‘we are not suppose to judge anyone’?
7 – Is a decision a judgement?

I am not one for comic books but this fellow named Jack Chick, a believer, wrote many comic books based on Biblical teachings. One of his most popular mini comic books is This Was Your Life. I don’t know if Jack is still alive or if his website is still Chick Publications but as I reread a comic book titled The Warning it made me ask a question.

The gist of the story is about 4 young boys who hear of a swimming hole on a farmer’s land. They rush to the land and see No Trespassing signs. They ignore the signs and go through the barbed wire fence. One boy, the youngest, gets his pants hung up in the barbed wire and the other three run to the swimming hole. Signs were posted, No Swimming. The three jump in the water ignoring the signs. Finally, the youngest one comes to the swimming hole only to see his three friends yell, Tommy, no stay away, don’t jump in, the water is loaded with snakes.

The three boys died and Tommy ended up turning to God and getting saved. In considering the above 7 questions – did God kill the three boys? The choice the three boys made, was it a decision or a judgment call? So when someone decides to ignore God and his plan of salvation, is that a decision or a judgment call? Until next time.


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