Revelation 10 Part 2

Revelation 10 Part 2

Remember, the first woe has passed with the 5th Trumpet Judgment per Revelation 9:1 – 12. And the 6th angel sounded the 6th trumpet in Revelation 9:13 which also starts the second woe. So in Revelation 10, we know this is still the second woe and technically, under the 6th trumpet judgment.

As we said before, the second woe goes from Revelation 9:13 through to Revelation 11:14 and all that is mentioned between these verses, is under the 6th trumpet and make up the second woe. God is chronicling the time of events. If you pull events out of sequence, your theology will be in error.

We notice Revelation 10 deals with what is happening in heaven during this 6th trumpet time and during the second woe. We are told a mighty angel, of God, has a small open book in his hand. We learn when God mentions angels he addresses them in the masculine. The angels are mentioned as he, him, or his. This tells us, angels are male and not female. Not once in scripture are we ever told angels are female but, angels are always mentioned as male.

This mighty angel puts one foot, the right foot, on the sea. He puts his left foot on the earth. This must be one big angel and maybe that is why scripture calls him a mighty angel. This also tells us angels have hands and feet and only two feet, a right and a left foot.

When the angel put his feet on the sea and the earth, he gave a cry with a loud voice and 7 thunders spoke. John was going to write down what the 7 thunders were saying but he was told – do not write this down. The angel said at the time the 7th trumpet sounds, begins to sound, the mystery of God should be finished as he declared to his servants. Who are his servants? The verse tells us in verse 7 – the prophets, not the church. Some claim this means the rapture but nothing of a rapture or catching up is mentioned here. And the church is not even mentioned but it is addressed at the prophets.

The words of the 7 thunders John is told to seal up in verse 4. That phrase seal up should sound familiar to you because that is what Gabriel told Daniel to do in Daniel 9:24; Daniel 12:4 and Daniel 12:9.

John is told to eat the little book. After John ate the book he is told by the Lord he must prophesy again before many peoples, nations, tongues and kings.

So Revelation 10 mentions three main topics: The Big Angel; the little book; 7 thunders speaking in heaven. Other than the angel’s feet touching the sea and the earth, the chapter mentions “things” going on in heaven, not on earth. And this is within the 6th trumpet and the second woe.

Clearly, the 7 thunders have a message but John could not tell the people on earth what the messages were, in writing. He could not write down the messages.

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