Revelation Overview Part 1

I have been struggling with how do I set up this overview of the book of Revelation in an easy to understand overview or outline. I’ve come up with columns as an answer then do a time line under the columns. Let me try to explain.

If you take a piece of paper, lay it horizontally and fold into thirds. Then open the paper and draw a vertical line on the folds, about two thirds of the way down on the paper. You will get three columns on the front and three columns on the back. Above the first column write Revelation Chapters 1 – 3.

Then under that column we will write key points of the chapter(s). So under column one we will write the following:
– The 7 churches
– The Mystery of the 7 stars (are the angels to the 7 churches).
– The 7 candlesticks represent the 7 churches
– The church is mentioned in Revelation 1, Revelation 2, Revelation 3 and Revelation 21:9

Candlesticks figuratively represent –
Christ – Zechariah 4:2, 11
Church – Revelation 1:13, 20

Above column two write Revelation Chapter 4. Under that title and in column two write the following:

– Starts with things that come in the future – “hereafter”
– Describes 4 beasts before the throne of God:

– Describes 24 elders
– Describes one on the throne in heaven as the Lord Creator (compare Colossians 1:16)

The third column title Revelation Chapter 5

Under that title and in column three write the following:

– The 7 sealed book is the focus of this chapter. Once the seals start opening in heaven,  judgment starts on earth.

Then turn the page over to the other three blank columns on the back or use a new piece of paper and fold into thirds then draw vertical lines on the folds two thirds of the way down and lay that piece of paper next to the first piece of paper you just filled in.

At the bottom of each paper you draw a horizontal line across the paper for your time line. We will spotlight specific events through the time line. When we are done, you will have a time line of events, for the future.

You have the first five chapters for your outline in this post. We will add more next time. Then I will show you how I did my time line. When done, you will have an accurate vision of coming events in the correct order according to the word of God.

This time line will also help you in discovering what preachers or teachers have their doctrine a little messed up. It does not mean the preacher is bad or a heretic, it means they need to study the area more.

Until next time






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