Revelation Overview Part 2

Last time we laid out our study of the book of Revelation and left room for a time line at the bottom. We covered the first five chapters for our outline which now brings us to Revelation chapter six overview.

In column four, title the column Revelation Chapter 6.  Under the title we again, list the main topics of that chapter. For chapter six, we see the topic is the Lamb (Jesus Christ himself) starts opening the seven seals of the book mentioned in chapter five.

Chapter 6:

– The Lamb starts opening the 7 seals
– Seals 1 – 6 are opened as follows:
1st in 6:1 ; 2nd in 6:3;  3rd in 6:5; 4th in 6:7; 5th in 6:9; 6th in 6:12   [7th in 8:1]

– The 1st seal brings one who conquers the earth (I believe this is antichrist for many reasons but two reasons, he takes peace from the earth and he conquers the earth. Jesus is the Prince of peace and already owns the earth and the fullness thereof).

– The 2nd seal power was given to the one who took peace so they would kill one another.

–  The 3rd seal brings famine

– The 4th seal brings death and hell which kills one fourth of the earth’s population. If the earth’s population is 7 billion as they say, that would mean about 1.75, almost 2 billion are killed.

WW 1 deaths are estimated at about 20 million and WW 2 deaths are estimated at about 80 million. Both WW 1 and WW 2 combined is about 100 million. Seal four kills 1.75 billion, not million. Compare the 1.75 billion to both world wars combined, you get about 20 times more people die from the 4th seal.

– The 5th seal believers on earth are killed. Notice, the verse does not identify them as the church. They are identified as believers in 6:9.

– The 6th seal brings great earthquakes, sun blackened, blood moon, stars fall from heaven onto the earth. A key is given – every mountain and island are moved out of their places.

– We are told the wrath happening is the wrath of him who sits on the throne in heaven. The wrath of the Lamb. (Some teach it is Satan’s wrath and they are wrong per scripture.

The 5th column title Revelation Chapter 7. Under the title put the focus of chapter 7 is the 144,000 Jews sealed by God. These 144,000 are 12,000 people from each of the 12 tribes of Israel. These are not Gentiles, they are Jews only.

The 6th column title Revelation Chapter 8.  Under the title write the focus of chapter 8.

– The 7th seal is opened. At the opening of the 7th seal brings the 7 trumpet judgments.

Chapter 8 reveals –
The 7th seal judgment
Four of the seven trumpet judgments.

The Trumpet judgments are identified –
1st Trumpet Judgement is in 8:7; 2nd in 8:8; 3rd in 8:9; 4th in 8:12; 5th in 9:1; 6th in 9:13; 7th in 11:15.

– The 1st trumpet brings – one third of all trees on earth are burned up with hail mingled with fire, Revelation 8:7.

– The 2nd trumpet brings – one third of sea turns to blood, one third of the fish and creatures died and one third of ships were destroyed.

– The 3rd trumpet brings a great star from heaven falls upon a third of earth’s rivers. The star is called Wormwood. 

– The 4th trumpet brings one third of the sun is smitten, one third of the stars and one third of the moon. Earth will loose one third of all its light.

Now we go to our seventh column on our overview. Title your 7th column Revelation Chapter 9. And we will pick it up from here next time, Lord willing.

Until next time.






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