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Revelation Overview Part 5

Revelation Overview Part 5 covers the last three chapters in the book of Revelation. Picking up where we left off, Column 18 on our chart, label Revelation Chapter 20.

Revelation chapter 20 answers a lot of man’s questions to God. Revelation 20 opens with an angel coming down from heaven. He has the key to the bottomless pit in his hand and a great chain. The angel grabs Satan, the Devil, and binds him with the chain and casts him in to the bottomless pit, and shut him up, set a seal upon him that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years are fulfilled.

Revelation chapter 20 explains:
– God binds & shuts Satan up
– Believers who stood & died for Jesus in their earthly life will judge, rule and reign with Christ 1000 years
– The first Resurrection is defined
– What happens after the 1000 years defined
– The great white throne judgment defined as those who rejected God’s plan for salvation through Messiah Jesus
– Book of Life & other books
– All of dead called to stand before God for judgment & those not written in the Book of Life cast into the lake of fire
– The second death explained

Column 19 label Chapter 21
– New heaven and earth described
– New Jerusalem described
– No temple in New Jerusalem
– Who occupies New Jerusalem described

Footnote: New Jerusalem dimensions given as a city four square; length, width,  height and depth as 12,000 furlongs. If my numbers are correct –
Furlong = 1/8th mile
Mile = 5280 feet
5280 feet ÷ 8 = 660 feet in a furlong
660 × 12000 = 7,920,000 feet ÷ 5270 = 1500 miles

In 2018 Israel is about the size of New Jersey. New Jerusalem will be about 1500 miles four square or about half the size of America. From New York to Florida and half the width of America.

The wall of New Jerusalem is 144 cubits.
Cubit = 18 inches
144 cubits is 18 × 144 = 14,418 inches
14,418 ÷ 12 inches in a foot = 1201.5 feet or about 1200 foot high walls.

Column 20 label Chapter 22
– River of water of life
– The tree of life returns ( as in the garden of Eden )
– Tree of life bares 12 manner of fruit every month
– Saved see God’s face and the Lamb’s face
– Invitation to come to the Lord and a warning to not alter God’s word

This completes our overview of the book of Revelation except providing a sample of our chart. We will provide the chart next.

The purpose for doing a chart is to remind people, God does things orderly. By God laying out the time line of events in his word, man has no excuse for being deceived. If events in the world show events from Revelation chapter 15 happening but events mentioned in Revelation chapter 9 have not all happened yet, you can not day we are in the tribulation or Great Tribulation yet.

God laid out events precisely in the order of their happening so man has a blueprint. Man can say with confidence, what happens next and then what comes after that. There are some Bible teachers out there who claim we are in the tribulation and they pick and choose certain events happening in the world and say see, this is it. But the preceding events did not happen yet. So the teacher is in error. Let God be true and every man a liar. Romans 3:4

Romans 3:3-4 KJV  ” For what if some did not believe? shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect?
[4] God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged.”





Revelation Overview Part 4

Last time we summarized Revelation chapter 11 in column 9 of our over view of the book.  We said –

The ninth column, title it Revelation Chapter 11. Notice still in the 6th Trumpet and the second woe. Revelation Chapter 11 deals with:

– the temple
– the 2 witnesses
– A great earthquake kills one tenth of the city and 7,000 die. (Rev.11:13)
– the ark of the covenant located in heaven

In chapter 11 verse 15, the 7th Trumpet sounds. The temple of God is seen with the ark of the covenant.

The 10th column is Revelation Chapter 12. Notice, in heaven, there is a great wonder. Highlights include the following:

– a woman is seen with child
– a great red dragon appears
– the dragon has 7 heads and 10 horns and 7 crowns and comes to devour the child
– there is war in heaven
– the dragon identified in this chapter
– 3 1/2 years mentioned

The 11th column is chapter 13. Highlights include the following:

– a beast comes having 7 heads, 10 horns and 10 crowns with the name blasphemy on his heads.
– the rise of the antichrist
– the mark of the beast

Remember, the dragon was already identified as Satan in Revelation 12:9, raises the antichrist up to the world. Satan gives him his power, and his seat, and great authority.

Column 12 is Revelation chapter 14. Highlights include:
– the Lamb (Jesus himself) stands on Mt. Sion with others
– an angel preaches one last chance for salvation to those on earth
– those who took the mark of the beast in their forehead or in their right hand warnings (condemned to the lake of fire)
– harvest of the earth

Column 13 is Revelation chapter 15. Highlights include:

– 7 angels with the 7 last plagues, the 7 vials mentioned
– the temple mentioned

Column 14 is Revelation chapter 16. The vials are poured out on the earth.
– 1st vial affects those who took the mark of the beast.
– 2nd vial affects the sea
– 3rd vial rivers and waters
– 4th vial the sun
– 5th vial upon the seat of the beast
– 6th upon the Euphrates River
– 7th poured into the air
– 114-125 pound stones fall on people

Column 15 is Revelation chapter 17.
Highlights include:

– Judgment of the great whore
– description of the great whore

Column 16 is Revelation chapter 18.
Highlights include the following:
– Babylon falls
– Babylon tied to a religious system

Column 17 is Revelation chapter 19. Highlights include the following:
– the marriage supper of the Lamb
– heaven opens and a white horse with Jesus riding the horse
– the second coming of Jesus to earth, not meeting in air. Armies in heaven come with Jesus to earth.

We will finish the last three chapters next time, Lord willing. Until next time.




Revelation Overview Part 3

Now we go to our seventh column on our overview. Title your 7th column Revelation Chapter 9.

In Revelation Chapter 9 we notice, of the 7 trumpet judgments, four have already come. Trumpet judgment five and six sound in chapter 9.

Trumpet 5 opens the bottomless pit. The bottomless pit is like a very hot furnace and smoke comes out of the pit bringing locust that are like scorpions. These torment mankind by stinging them for five months. The locust can not hurt the 144,000 Jews sealed by God. Notice there is no mention of God protecting the church, born again believers. The church is not present. Of the three woes coming to mankind, this ends the first woe.

– The bottomless pit opened

The 6th Trumpet looses four bound angels. These bound angels are bound in the Euphrates River. They are to kill one third of mankind still alive on earth.

– Releases 4 angels bound in the Euphrates River

In your 8th column, title this column Revelation Chapter 10.

Still the 6th Trumpet and the second woe. A mighty angel has a little book in his hand and he puts one foot, his right foot,  on the sea and one foot, his left foot,  on land. The angel cried with a loud voice and 7 thunders spoke. John was told to seal up the 7 thunders.

– Angel  cries releasing 7 thunders. The meaning of the 7 thunders is sealed and not revealed until later.

The ninth column title Revelation Chapter 11. Notice still in the 6th Trumpet and the second woe. Revelation Chapter 11 deals with:

– the temple
– the 2 witnesses
– A great earthquake kills one tenth of the city and 7,000 die. (Rev.11:13)

In chapter 11 verse 15, the 7th Trumpet sounds.

Note: Notice when God resurrects the two witnesses God uses the same phrase to call them up into heaven. The phrase is “Come up hither”.That is the same phrase God mentioned to the church in Revelation 4. The church is caught up before the time of Jacob’s trouble. We will pick it up from here next time Lord willing.

Until next time.





Revelation Overview Part 2

Last time we laid out our study of the book of Revelation and left room for a time line at the bottom. We covered the first five chapters for our outline which now brings us to Revelation chapter six overview.

In column four, title the column Revelation Chapter 6.  Under the title we again, list the main topics of that chapter. For chapter six, we see the topic is the Lamb (Jesus Christ himself) starts opening the seven seals of the book mentioned in chapter five.

Chapter 6:

– The Lamb starts opening the 7 seals
– Seals 1 – 6 are opened as follows:
1st in 6:1 ; 2nd in 6:3;  3rd in 6:5; 4th in 6:7; 5th in 6:9; 6th in 6:12   [7th in 8:1]

– The 1st seal brings one who conquers the earth (I believe this is antichrist for many reasons but two reasons, he takes peace from the earth and he conquers the earth. Jesus is the Prince of peace and already owns the earth and the fullness thereof).

– The 2nd seal power was given to the one who took peace so they would kill one another.

–  The 3rd seal brings famine

– The 4th seal brings death and hell which kills one fourth of the earth’s population. If the earth’s population is 7 billion as they say, that would mean about 1.75, almost 2 billion are killed.

WW 1 deaths are estimated at about 20 million and WW 2 deaths are estimated at about 80 million. Both WW 1 and WW 2 combined is about 100 million. Seal four kills 1.75 billion, not million. Compare the 1.75 billion to both world wars combined, you get about 20 times more people die from the 4th seal.

– The 5th seal believers on earth are killed. Notice, the verse does not identify them as the church. They are identified as believers in 6:9.

– The 6th seal brings great earthquakes, sun blackened, blood moon, stars fall from heaven onto the earth. A key is given – every mountain and island are moved out of their places.

– We are told the wrath happening is the wrath of him who sits on the throne in heaven. The wrath of the Lamb. (Some teach it is Satan’s wrath and they are wrong per scripture.

The 5th column title Revelation Chapter 7. Under the title put the focus of chapter 7 is the 144,000 Jews sealed by God. These 144,000 are 12,000 people from each of the 12 tribes of Israel. These are not Gentiles, they are Jews only.

The 6th column title Revelation Chapter 8.  Under the title write the focus of chapter 8.

– The 7th seal is opened. At the opening of the 7th seal brings the 7 trumpet judgments.

Chapter 8 reveals –
The 7th seal judgment
Four of the seven trumpet judgments.

The Trumpet judgments are identified –
1st Trumpet Judgement is in 8:7; 2nd in 8:8; 3rd in 8:9; 4th in 8:12; 5th in 9:1; 6th in 9:13; 7th in 11:15.

– The 1st trumpet brings – one third of all trees on earth are burned up with hail mingled with fire, Revelation 8:7.

– The 2nd trumpet brings – one third of sea turns to blood, one third of the fish and creatures died and one third of ships were destroyed.

– The 3rd trumpet brings a great star from heaven falls upon a third of earth’s rivers. The star is called Wormwood. 

– The 4th trumpet brings one third of the sun is smitten, one third of the stars and one third of the moon. Earth will loose one third of all its light.

Now we go to our seventh column on our overview. Title your 7th column Revelation Chapter 9. And we will pick it up from here next time, Lord willing.

Until next time.





Revelation Overview Part 1

I have been struggling with how do I set up this overview of the book of Revelation in an easy to understand overview or outline. I’ve come up with columns as an answer then do a time line under the columns. Let me try to explain.

If you take a piece of paper, lay it horizontally and fold into thirds. Then open the paper and draw a vertical line on the folds, about two thirds of the way down on the paper. You will get three columns on the front and three columns on the back. Above the first column write Revelation Chapters 1 – 3.

Then under that column we will write key points of the chapter(s). So under column one we will write the following:
– The 7 churches
– The Mystery of the 7 stars (are the angels to the 7 churches).
– The 7 candlesticks represent the 7 churches
– The church is mentioned in Revelation 1, Revelation 2, Revelation 3 and Revelation 21:9

Candlesticks figuratively represent –
Christ – Zechariah 4:2, 11
Church – Revelation 1:13, 20

Above column two write Revelation Chapter 4. Under that title and in column two write the following:

– Starts with things that come in the future – “hereafter”
– Describes 4 beasts before the throne of God:

– Describes 24 elders
– Describes one on the throne in heaven as the Lord Creator (compare Colossians 1:16)

The third column title Revelation Chapter 5

Under that title and in column three write the following:

– The 7 sealed book is the focus of this chapter. Once the seals start opening in heaven,  judgment starts on earth.

Then turn the page over to the other three blank columns on the back or use a new piece of paper and fold into thirds then draw vertical lines on the folds two thirds of the way down and lay that piece of paper next to the first piece of paper you just filled in.

At the bottom of each paper you draw a horizontal line across the paper for your time line. We will spotlight specific events through the time line. When we are done, you will have a time line of events, for the future.

You have the first five chapters for your outline in this post. We will add more next time. Then I will show you how I did my time line. When done, you will have an accurate vision of coming events in the correct order according to the word of God.

This time line will also help you in discovering what preachers or teachers have their doctrine a little messed up. It does not mean the preacher is bad or a heretic, it means they need to study the area more.

Until next time





Revelation Overview Intro

What is the purpose of the book of Revelation? God wants to show his servants, not the world, not unbelievers, but his people, things coming to pass in the future. Revelation 1:1 tells us this. So why don’t believers study this book and teach this book more?

The usual excuses include:
I don’t understand the book.
The book scares me.
What do the symbols mean?
If I teach the book my congregation will leave.
I don’t want to scare people about hell or the lake of fire.
Satan is not real.

There are other excuses. It is not that knowledge is everything but it is a key. Once you have the key, you have to use the key to unlock “things” of God. Unlock God’s word. You can have a lot of knowledge but if it sits dormant it is, you are, nothing more than a library, a storage container.

You can have a car and you have knowledge that you must put oil in the car. But if you never put the oil in the car, you can not use the car. The same with baking a cake. You can have all the ingredients to make the cake but if you have knowledge of what ingredients you need and let them sit on the counter, the cake will not be baked. Whose fault is it then, for not being able to have the car work? Whose fault is it for not having the cake baked? Do you blame God? No. The fault lands on you for not putting the information to work.

God tells us his people, not unbelievers, but his people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

Hosea 4:6 KJV  ” My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.”

Granted, in context God is speaking about Israel. But when believers do not understand God or what God says or we lack knowledge, we destroy ourselves. How? We don’t know or understand how God works in and through us. We don’t understand how to change our life. It is kind of like the Disney movie, It’s A Bug’s Life. Once Flick and the others realized they had the power over the enemy grasshoppers, the ants seized their power and changed their life with knowledge.

Religious teachers and organizations often want to lead you in to their doctrine. They impose their doctrine on people and sometimes twist scripture to say what they believe.  Some religions even make their own Bible. When you read a Catholic bible, it does not read anything like the Geneva or King James bibles. Jesus addressed this in Luke.

Luke 11:49-52 KJV  ” Therefore also said the wisdom of God, I will send them prophets and apostles, and some of them they shall slay and persecute:
[50] That the blood of all the prophets, which was shed from the foundation of the world, may be required of this generation;
[51] From the blood of Abel unto the blood of Zacharias, which perished between the altar and the temple: verily I say unto you, It shall be required of this generation.
[52] Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered.”

Instead of believers investigating the truth to get knowledge from God, they stay in their denomination’s teaching. Which means they never look for true knowledge from God.

I admit, there are some things that are hard to understand in God’s word. But if we deligently seek God, not man, to understand him and what he says, he will answer.

We just completed a study through the book of Revelation. We provided a quiz after each chapter. The quiz is based on information within the chapter. We purposely did not explain everything in each chapter and we did not impose our views. Why? God the Holy Spirit’s job is to guide us into all truth.

Now we will do a Revelation Overview. Not to impose our view but to point out specific “things” within the book. Why? Because God clearly gives us a time line in Revelation. Why does that matter? The time line creates a truth detector with knowledge. Why is this important? Because when you see or hear of an event, through your knowledge of Revelation and God’s timeline, you can determine if someone is leading you down the wrong road. Then you must act on that knowledge or you can be led to the slaughter, so to say.

We will start our overview and timeline next time. Until next time.





Revelation 22 Quiz

Revelation 22 tells us what the future will be like. After all the judgments mentioned in Revelation are done, once God takes care of Satan once and for all, once all those who rejected God and his plan of redemption, Jesus Christ, what happens? Revelation chapters 21 and 22 show us a glimpse of believer’s in eternity. Remember, believers by this time have their new glorified body. A body like Jesus had when he rose from the dead and spoke with the disciples.

Revelation 22 Quiz

1 – Revelation 22 opens with John seeing a river that is crystal clear. Where does the river flow from?

2 – In Genesis 2: 8, 9 God tells us about some trees and one of the trees is mentioned in Revelation 22. What tree is mentioned in both places?

3 – The tree of life bares how many manner of fruit?

4 – The tree of life bares her fruit how many times a year?

5 – The leaves of the tree of life are used for what?

6 – The servants of the Lord will see God and the Lamb face to face. True or False.

7 – John is told not to seal the sayings of this book because why?

8 – Jesus tells John he is coming again and Jesus has a reward he is bringing. The reward will be given not for salvation but based on what?

9 – Jesus sent his __________ to testify these things unto John and unto who?

10 – Jesus mentions five groups who say come. Who are the five groups?

Next time, we will try to give a basic outline of the book of Revelation.

Until next time.