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Music Impacts Our Soul

The Lord has been teaching me and opening my understanding about our spirit man. As I put the study together I wanted to share a video with you.

The video I am sharing was done in 2013. As my regular readers know, I am a musician. To me, music is truly an art and a gift from God.  Many people think if they hit a few notes or strum a few chords, that is music. Not me. To me, music has to be melodic. It must have a flow, a message and be pleasing to the ear.

So when I found this video I was reminded how David danced unto the Lord. How praise in music magnifies our Lord. And how music is medicine for the soul. Remember when King Saul was troubled by evil spirits he would call David to play music? Music does impact our soul.

Thought I would share this. This song will lift you up and remind you that indeed, God is in control. The first time I watched this I was hooked. The music, the praise is awesome. The second time I watched I observed the people. Strangers. The third time I noticed the police, traffic lights, and even some spectators knew the song and sang along.

So enjoy. Here is the link. Clicking the link will take you away from our site to YouTube. If you would rather copy and paste the URL then I have provided that as well. I call the video the Hezekiah Video.

Hezekiah Video

Until next time.



What Makes A Good Racecar

Many people struggle to find out their purpose.  Did you ever ask yourself,  why did God create me? What’s my purpose? As many of you know, I am a book person. I read directions and investigate things. When I got saved, I wanted to know what my purpose is. So the little detective in me started searching in God’s word. Do you know what I found? There is no chapter and verse telling me what my specific purpose is. Later I realized my musical abilities and my detective instincts were my “gifts” from God. And if I would use those gifts for the Lord’s glory, God would give me more.

God gave all of us unique gifts and talents just for us. Sometimes people get prideful and think they are the one making their world a success. But clearly it is God giving us the ability and then we know we are on the right track when we exercise our gifts with ease.

If we understand it or not, as a Christian,  it is God the Holy Spirit working through us.  So let me ask you a question. What makes a successful race car driver? Is it the motor? The pit crew? Is it the car?

A while back. Quite a while I might say, I liked car racing. I didn’t know much about it and I didn’t like the noise. But I didn’t like any kind of car racing, I liked something called Sprint racing. And I didn’t want to watch a bunch of cars go around in circles on a plain old track, I liked dirt racing. These Sprint cars are small cars with, what I call wings on top. And because it was dirt racing, these little sprint cars would come around turn four, on the dirt track, and you could see them wiggle their wheels to keep control in the dirt. Sometimes they would go up on two wheels.

Who would have thunk it. Someone liking classical music and symphonies likes dirt racing? Here is what a Sprint car looked like back then.


My favorite Sprint car driver was a man by the name of Will Cagle. Kind of like today’s Earnhardt, or Lagano.


What made a successful race car driver? Not the car, but that’s important. Not the pit crew, although they are crucial. And no, it wasn’t even the motor although we would go no where without one. It is the driver. Sure, there are a lot of drivers just like their are a lot of singers, musicians, teachers and so forth. The driver had a “gift” from God.

Just like Will had a great car, a good motor and a pit crew, we too have those who help us, our pit crew so to say. Those who believe in us, our dreams and abilities. And some even see you are gifted, from God. We all have God given gifts and talents. Things we are passionate about.

Just as Paul said, Ephesians 3:7 KJV
“Whereof I was made a minister, according to the gift of the grace of God given unto me by the effectual working of his power.”  Friends,  let me encourage you to try something new for 2016. What are you really passionate about? You know, that’s the thing you would do if money was not an issue. Let me encourage you to set some time aside either every day or once a week to work your passion with prayer.

Try to think of, and pray for ways to use your gifts, talents or passions to magnify the Lord Jesus Christ. Just as God empowers gifted race car drivers, God empowers you and me through the Holy Spirit.

Ephesians 3:20 KJV “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.

Until next time.


Generational Advances

I was wondering what changed in society that caused people to turn away from God. We know from history that when governments control everything in the people’s life, it leads to communism and fascism. What made America unique was it was designed as a Republic not a democracy  (majority rule). A Republic is a representative form of government and that is why we have the Electoral College,  delegates.

This is not an American history post. But as I said, what causes nations to turn away from God? America is my example. Republics have been set up before and history records when nations turn from an accountability to God and man (those who elected them), government grows into a behemoth. People then start trusting in government and not God. If this growth of government is not stopped, society becomes slaves.

So I wanted to look at generations and look for clues how God played an influencing part and who are some notable people during these times. At the end, consider what the effects of inventions play in society. This is not an exhaustive study but an overview.

I notice about 8 different generational times.

1) Before the Lost Generation – this is those born in the mid 1800s. People like Tesla – born 1856, Thomas Edison – born 1847, Karl Benz – born 1886, and Henry Ford – born 1863. These people came of age during the time of the Lost Generation.

2) The Lost Generation – These are WW 1 fighters. They were born 1883-1900. They were writers and composers, people like George Gershwin, Aaron Copeland, Ernest Hemingway.

3) The Greatest Generation – These people were born 1900 – 1924 and grew up fighting WW 2. They came of age during the Great Depression. During their time those born in the Lost Generation had invented the radio. Tesla was born 1856 and died 1943 and Marconi, a fascist,  was born 1874 and died 1937.

4) The Silent Generation – These were born 1925 – 1942. Some fought in WW 2, some Korean War. These are the parents of the Baby Boomers.

5) The Baby Boomers – These were born in 1946 – 1964. Boomers grew up in a time of affluence. They came of age in the mid 1960s through late 1970s.

6) Generation X – These are those born from 1960’s – 1980’s.

7) Millennials – These are those born 1980’s – 2000’s. These are the Baby Boomer ‘ s children.

8) Generation Z – Those born 1990s – 2025.

If we were to pigeon hole inventions, laws, supreme court decisions, religious leaders into their respective time frame and see what happened during their generation, we might understand what is causing people to turn from God.

When I looked at what was invented and when, I saw what generation played a key role in the invention. Most all of our modern day inventions were invented by the Silent Generation and the Baby Boomers. Here is a sample. I listed the invention and the year it was invented or attributed to what generation.

Radar Range 1946 changed to microwave oven in 1955 and the first countertop microwave oven in 1967.

Baby Boomers are attributed to inventing:
Satellite systems, remote controls, LED lights, lasers, cordless phones and mobile phones, computers came from the Silent Generation but Boomers invented the Internet  (computers speaking to computers) and the World Wide Web [ www. ] computers talking to computers on a global scale. Boomers invented the digital camera,  video games, wireless networks, email, micro processors, space shuttle, calculators, the birth control pill, telescopes for space.

Millennials have taken many of what their parents (Boomers)  invented and built on it or improved it.

So when we look at the writers, readers and composers era and consider those who invented the automobile, airplane, space shuttles, computers and modern appliances, electricity, running water, we can see man has created “things” that occupy one’s mind with computers and movements with travel and reading, writing and critical thinking have suffered.

So is Generation Z working on replacing mankind as God created man via robots, transhumans, bionic body parts? Where is God in that world?


Drones – First experiments started in 1849. In 1917 unmanned vehicles were improved. The drone was improved by Baby Boomers with remote controlled airplanes and the Predator Drone was first used in 1974. Today, drones are everywhere.

Until next time my friends.

Off Topic But Fun

I had to share this with my readers. You know how much I love music and God’s word. Keep an eye on the conductor and one grey haired lady with a blue and white spotted scarf having a blast. For those who saw the movie series Sister Act, you will enjoy this.